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is car insurance proof of legal ownership

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i need to know if having car insurance is proof of legal ownership of a car under spanish law. i do not have the registration  document in my name. i have had the car for about 3months and at the time did not change the name over as i couldnt afford to do it. it was a straight van for a friends car. the van is still in my name. the person i did the swap with has now changed his mind as he no longer likes the van and wants to swap back or for me to buy the car. i have bought new tyres and taken out insurance on the car.  does the insurance prove i am the owner even if the registration doc is not in my name

No it doesn't. insurance documents simply verify that the vehicle is insured. The registration book is the proof of ownership.

However as you entered into a contract with your friend in relation to the purchase of this car and the contract completed. You are the owner of the vehicle and it is simply the position that the administrative paperwork has not been completed
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for that. However this now poses another question. I gather from your reply that he is not legally able to ask for the car back! As something has gone wrong with the van he no longer wants it and has asked me to either swap back or buy the car from him. I understand he is not legally able to do that. is there any way i can get the paperwork for the car changed into my name?

I have his NIE number but not his passport. Also I am worried that, as the van is still in my name, that he may be driving it with no insurance or ITV and this will come back on me. Can I get my name taken off the registration document if he is unwilling to change it himself.

Thank you for your assistance from a worried client

Yes, you sign the paperwork for the van and lodge it with the dept of transport similarly the paper work for the car should also be lodged. If he is not prepared to sign it. You can contact the dept to issue a duplicate registration book
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks for your reply. That has clarified the situation for me.

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