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I am going to the Ukraine and am interested in finding a wife

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I am going to the Ukraine and am interested in finding a wife / long term relationship. Want to know if I get taken advantage of and woman becomes pregnant then leaves me wanting just support from me and that appears was her motive to begin with, what are my responsibilities and my rights as far as Ukrainian law is concerned


(I am leaving for the Ukraine on the 28th)

Dear customer,

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Ukraine allows the divorce of married couples.

If a married couple gets divorce when there are already children, both parents keep the duty of child custody and they must file an application for divorce to the competent Court together with a written agreement on different issues such as:
- which parent will live with the children;
- what will be the participation of each parent in providing child's living conditions;
- how the parents will participate in the child's personal upbringing (Article 109 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

If parents are not able to come to such an amicable agreement, it will be up to the Court to decide on these issues simultaneously with the divorce hearing.

Disputes concerning children may be divided into two categories. The first contains disputes on the place of child's residence, i.e. which parent will live with the child after the divorce. The second category represents disputes concerning the procedure, pursuant to which the parent, living separately, may communicate with the child.

Whenever the parents live separately, the place of residence of the child that has attained the age of 14 is determined by himself/herself. In both cases, the opinion of the child is taken into consideration while making a decision. The place of residence of the child under the age of 10 is etermined upon parents' mutual consent (Art. 160 of the Code ). The place of residence of the child is the place of the parent's residence or the place of residence of the parent, with whom the child lives.

When considering the dispute about the place of residence of the minor child, the court takes into account how parents discharge their parental responsibilities, personal affection of the child towards each of parents, the child's age, state of health and other essential circumstances. The court may not allow the child live with the parent who does not have independent means of support, abuses alcohol or drugs and can otherwise hamper the child's development with immoral behavior.

If the parent, who lives separately, does not participate in child's education and fails to perform his/her obligations descending from the Judicial Decree or from the agreement, the parent who lives with the child may lodge a complaint to the Court to deprive the other parent of parental rights. Parent deprived of parental rights still has to provide child support (Article #166 of the Code).

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