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Emigration expectations for retirement in Portugal along

Customer Question

Emigration expectations for retirement in Portugal along with financial requirements
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: European Law
Expert:  José M. replied 4 years ago.
Abogado3044 :


Abogado3044 :

If you do not need to work in Portugal, you could ask for a retoement visa

Abogado3044 :

Retirement Visa

You can apply to live in Portugal as a retiree, providing you don’t intend to work. To apply for this visa, the following requirements must be submitted to the Embassy in person, and by previous appointment:

• Passport valid for a minimum of six months, along with three photocopies of the personal information and photo page

• Money order for $100 to cover processing charge

• Four recent passport-size pictures

• Original marriage certificate, and a photocopy (if applicable)

• Certificate of good conduct issued by the police department of places where you have lived for six months or more during the past five years, along with a Spanish translation, and one photocopy

• A medical certificate printed on a doctor’s letterhead, verifying that you are free from yellow fever, cholera, and the plague, and drug addiction, and mental illness, along with a translation into Spanish, plus a photocopy

• Original certificate of a public or private institution, stating that you receive a pension, and specifying its monthly amount (the annual minimum is $10,000, increased by $1,700 for each dependant), plus one photocopy

• Proof of any other source of income and/or properties in Spain, plus one photocopy of each document.

Processing your application may take up to six weeks.

Abogado3044 :

You could ask for it in the closer consulate of Portugal in Canada or once you were in Portugal as a tourist

Abogado3044 :

I will be here if needed

Abogado3044 :

Thank you

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