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In January, 2017 it will have been five years since my

Customer Question

In January, 2017 it will have been five years since my grandfather passed. My father lived his entire life with his parents, my grandparents, in their home. When my grandfather passed away in January 2012, is Will very clearly stated that my father was to inherit his home. Unfortunately, my father allowed his sister to be executor of that will. She did put the will through the probate process, and the judge approved it, and closed the probate case. However, that was done in early 2013. And here we are three years later, and she still has not transferred the deed to my father. But instead left it in the estate, and refused to pay the taxes on the property. My father has since paid all of the back taxes on the property along with penalties and interest out of his own pocket. What are his options for forcing her to transfer that deed? And what kind of attorney should he be speaking with about this? My father still currently lives in that house, and I'm worried that he might ultimately end up without a place to live if this keeps up.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  kumar paturi replied 7 months ago.

This is an unfortunate situation, however he has many options, he needs to hire an Estate Attorney as soon as possible, if the Will was probated the Executor has to follow out the wishes of the deceased, he can force the Judge to make her sign over the property to your father, he can also file a motion in the court to have her removed as Executor, for failing to abide by the Will.

Expert:  kumar paturi replied 7 months ago.

He can also file a lien on the property now, either a lis pendens and bring a suit against the Estate for ownership of the property, this should be done in the Probate court, with the help of an Estate Atty.

Expert:  kumar paturi replied 7 months ago.

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