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Samuel II
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Our sister "Lucy" said ALL siblings were either DEAD or

Customer Question

Our sister "Lucy" said ALL siblings were either DEAD or MISSING on Affidavit. Then, as (Guard/Conserv) sold elderly, widowed Mom's (and our) homestead and kept $500,000 for herself. 1. Was there LAW broken with Realtor? With Buyers? 2. Is it Grand Theft
re: all of our possessions in home? All of our personal things have disappeared. "Lucy" told Realtor & Buyers that all siblings were dead or missing. 3. Will TITLE INSURANCE protect Buyers? 4. Does "Lucy" then fly away "free as a Thieving Magpie?" Thanks for
any advice. - Sad Vietnam Vet
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.
HelloThis is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regardPlease tell me1 - Was the Realtor aware your sister made false and fraudulent claims about the siblings?2 - Have you talked to the Realtor ?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dear *****,Thank you for contacting me. I apologize for the delay in writing back.First, I do not know who the Realtor was that sold the house. We have had absolutely NO response from sister "Lucy" since she "kidnapped" Mom in 2003. No family member has seen, or talked with Mom since then. Mom has been held hostage and totally incommunicado for years.At the last Annual Accounting (when I "objected" to the $86,000.00+ that Lucy spent for the year, I told Lucy's Attorney that I wanted to see all the Receipts for 2013-2014 year... so that I could make an informed decision. I asked further, how Lucy could have sold Mom's house without family members being told about itHer attorney ("Madam X") said that because of "Attorney-Client Privilege" Lucy did not want anyone to know anything about Mom, her house, or her $500,000.00 (now all cash) assets.She said she did not want to give me the Receipts, but that she offered to show them to the Judge... and asked him if she could just give me a "summary" of what 99 checks were for. He said I could "ask" for them, but that Madam X could redact anything that she did not want me to see.Sam, there is NO reason, none whatever, for keeping all relatives from seeing/talking with Mom. None. Furthermore, on Lucy's sworn affidavits, she has lied and perjured herself several times.In spite of sending the Court, the Judge and Madam X physical, clear, unimpeachable proof of Lucy's lies and perjury... ALL have said that "that's in the past" and "that's water under the bridge." And the Judge said we were only going forward... not backward. (I would have thought that "Reversible Error" or "Writ of Mandamus" would apply).The Judge said if I could not afford a lawyer (which I cannot) then I would have to figure out some other way to satisfy my curiosity. When I asked him "How?" He replied, "I'm not your attorney. I'm a Judge, so I'm not going to help you figure this out"Sam, I have no idea what the Realtor was told. No one knows where the contents of Mom's (and our home - since 1950) went.All I know is that Mom must be suffering deeply from having been denied the right to see her only son, and other relatives all these years. She never, ever wanted her home sold from under her. And she definitely did not want to live with Lucy. She was sweet, sociable, kind and we always stayed in touch... right up until the day Lucy stopped EVERYONE from seeing her. So, the Emotional, Mental, and Extreme Financial Abuse continues; day after day, month after month, year after year.I was in the Navy for four years, a Vietnam veteran (in Da Nang) and have an Honorable Discharge.. Yet on Lucy's affidavit, she swore that "I had NEVER been in the U.S. Military." She said she "didn't know whether I was dead or alive". And her attorney said that the only way she searched for me... was to look at two "online" phone directory's. Yet one call to the DMV in Maine (where we all have our driver's licenses, and our cars registered) and they would have located me within minutes.Sam, I don't know if you can give any helpful advice. I have tried (and contacted) just about every official agency in Maine. They have all said that "One a Probate Judge appoints a Guardian/Conservator... that he will NEVER change his mind."Therefore, no one has been willing to help. Also, while I have been a Pastor (and Mandated Reporter) for decades, and can, at any time, call on 100 to 1,000 character witnesses... Lucy has only allowed 3 or 4 individuals (who receive money from her) to see Mom in a dozen years.I have not yet used Social Media. I was hoping that the Courts, the Law and American Justice would prevail.Thanks for any answers you can give me.P.S. At the last Annual Accounting meeting, the Judge barred my wife from sitting in with him, Madam X, and me. (Why?) Prior to that meeting, she was allowed to be there with me. (She was/is well behaved and kept silent. So why was she denied this time? No answer. Simple, "she has to stay outside this time." My wife has been a Guardian ad Litem (C.A.S.A) for several years. (She presently has four cases in the state with ten children).Again, thank you Sam.- Vietnam Vet.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.
HelloThank you I suggest you consider talking to the District Attorney and see what charges, such as grand theft, fraud, perjury can be brought against your sister.

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