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Did you get my follow up question? I just wanted to be clear

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Did you get my follow up question? I just wanted to be clear that I can get a trustee bond even though the trust is close to 3 million dollars without being employed, and that is doesn't matter that we moved out of state? I am just scared because the first question on the bond questionnaire was about my employment.
I can't guarantee that you can get a bond because the bonding company is a private company, the same as an insurance company so there are various factors involved whenever you purchase any type of insurance. What I said was, the fact that you are not employed is not, by itself, an automatic reason that would prohibit you from getting a bond. It's just like when you buy auto insurance and have no job. You can buy insurance but there could be some reason that you could be denied or have to pay higher rates. All you can do is file your application and see if you are approved. I simply have no way of making the decision for the bonding company but in general I know of no reason why you should not be able to obtain a bond.
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