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How you doing? I have an essay do by saturday word count is

Customer Question

hi! how you doing? I have an essay do by saturday word count is 1100.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Essays
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sunshine Machine Works has an infrastructure, which includes over 100 employees working within their one-story headquarters. Management needs a business continuity plan to help them continue with their business in the event of a serious incident.Role
You are an outside consultant brought in to provide some valuable insight and feedback for Sunshine Machine Works. This company has seen rapid growth and management is looking to you to provide critical input for a business continuity plan. Although they have a format they can use for the policy, they are looking to you to provide some guidance on areas they will need to address when creating this policy.Players
Wilma stone CEO
When we first started this company there were only a few computers that we used to share our files. Now, with the growth of our company we have a situation where we have centralized our file storage, created an extensive online collaboration process, and increased our dependency on all of that information. I am concerned that if we do not make preparations, some type of natural disaster or malicious act could jeopardize the future of our company. We need a good business continuity plan in place.Margie Nelson CFO
We have a lot of account information stored on our local server systems. There is restricted access so that the only ones to access those files are the CEO, the General Manager, and I. No other employees have access to most of them. Although our system is running efficiently, management realizes that in certain emergency situation alternative arrangements need to be in place in case of catastrophic damage to our facility or loss of our server systems to damage or theft.General Manager ***** *****
I look at the way we need to do business now, which entails a lot of online collaboration with our vendors, customers, and activities related to our potential sales outreach. We have made all our file storage centralized and we need to look at how we maintain productivity in the event of some type of disaster or other disruption.Assignment
As the expert providing consulting services, you will want to identify and describe the key components of a comprehensive business continuity plan for an attack or incident, which could affect Sunshine Machine Work's network and data. Follow the instructions provided in the You Decide Exercise: Business Continuity Plan.
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg.

Is there any other information you can send to see if I can assist on it this for you? If you have any documents you can upload, you can do so to or and share the link here with us.

If I had a model and could provide that as a model (would have to check files to see if I have one), would that be sufficient or are you seeking a fully written new model document?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That is all the information provided for this essay.
I am seeking for a new model document.

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