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I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including

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I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including the following listed below and it is due by Tuesday 6 pm est

Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in launching and developing their e-business venture. Provide your recommendations and analysis. Summarize your findings in a two page paper using proper APA formatting
Here you are:

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can not get this answer

I'll post the content here. It's a little over two pages.

Cliptomania is unique in that it started as an online retailer at the height of the internet boom. However, as they are currently still in business they were able to face the storm by providing a unique product that wasn't available widely in stores or online. The one thing to note about this company is that they were successful based on their market strategy and not based on their technology. At the time there were many other online retail companies that provided a much better overall web user interface experience but the product and service provided by Cliptomania made all the difference. Had the company had the ability to fund better systems at the onset of their business its likely they would have grown much larger by now as customer's want service and a great product but they also want it to be easy to buy.
In terms of the positives the company made a great effort at putting together some basic HTML web pages as they had no previous experience in creating such content. They realized that if their product was successful in local retail stores that there was likely a much larger audience out there that would be interested in buying the product they had to sell. One of the major issues they faced with their initial e-business venture was handling financial transactions. While initially they took phone orders the ability to manage all those orders cost labor and time that the company didn't have as a startup. They actually chose Paymentech as the payment processor as they felt they could integrate with them successfully in a quick manner. What they didn't realize is that with the internet and their global audience came the need to manage not only international transactions but also fraudulent transactions. When an order was received there was no way to verify that the address was legitimate or that in many cases the credit card information was valid for the person making the transaction. In the beginning the Santo's had to manually verify the orders and attempt to find cases that were indeed fraudulent. This is a significant problem given the volume of orders they were accepting.
In addition to financial transaction processing was the issue of the reliability of such an internet based system as the entire store was based on 4 computers they had in their office along with a laptop that they used as well. They were banking their entire future on PCs that weren't likely of the highest quality and certainly weren't in a secure environment that was necessary to provide connectivity to their site in the event of a communications problem. However, at the time they were small and didn't have the foresight or money to handle the situation.
To fix the problems that exist within this small family business we have to look at the fact that the company is successful with very limited resources and deploying the right resources and tools will provide them with a great foundation on which to grow. The first problem they must fix is the infrastructure behind their site. They need to contact a web host and install all of their off the shelf software as well as their own HTML pages into a location that can provide them with the bandwidth and reliability they need. It also takes them out of the business of maintaining the actual underlying hardware and puts the onus on the company who is hosting the site. The cost of such configurations is not prohibitive but will provide them a new level of reliability and the ability to handle larger transaction loads.
The company also needs to find a way to handle all of their financial transactions in a secure manner and in addition find a way to ensure that the transactions are not fraudulent. While fraud will always exist the company must work to minimize it to the greatest extent possible. A different payment processor should be selected as there are many that are now available including PayPal which is reliable, low cost and is the most popular payment processor in the market. By including such things on their website as address validation and other financial tools related to credit card processing the company can reduce their overall cost as they reduce the amount of fraud involved with their transactions.
Aside from the different technical components the Santo's must also look for ways to include the right types of people to move their site forward. The site was developed with minimal HTML tools and could use the help of a designer to ensure that they have a site that is both highly interactive and attractive which will drive traffic to their site. They must also find ways to work with a professional for marketing their web based strategy as their current plan for which they spent thousands provided no certainty as to whether they were taking the best approach or not. While some of these will cost money the company must find the best way to get to and keep their market. In addition, a customer relationship application should be implemented to help them track their sales and make repeat sales based on past purchases. With the right tools the company will succeed.


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