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How do individual entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship

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How do individual entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship contribute to innovative job creation?

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Entrepreneurship is a driving factor in creating innovative jobs. Advances in technology drive the majority of new jobs in Healthcare as innovative new ways of treating disease and providing wellness. New machines, new drugs and research into the causes of disease have provided a field for new entrepreneurs to find niche markets that didn’t exist previously. Both individual and corporate entrepreneurship drive job creation but in different ways. In the case of an individual entrepreneur new jobs can be created servicing hospitals, clinics and other health related organizations in terms of both outsourcing as well as new methods that provide cost savings to the hospital. The ideas are endless however only some will ultimately be successful. Individuals are at the heart of all entrepreneurship including at the corporate level as someone has to come up with the great ideas to solve big problems. The difference between the two lies primarily in how the entrepreneurship is financed and the type of jobs that are created. For instance, a single person could start a new company providing technology services to a hospital. A hospital on the other hand may create new jobs by purchasing a cutting edge piece of technology to be used in the hospital. Funding for the individual would likely come from their own savings or from bank loans. In the case of corporate entrepreneurship it could be derived from bank loans or other investment vehicles or simply the capital coming in via the services provided. Typically at the corporate level the amount of financing is greater and an organization can implement new ideas that drive job creation. While a corporate entity can certainly have more funding upfront it’s the combination of individual entrepreneurs that ultimately create new small businesses which hire and employ most of the people in the US.

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