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For MBAGrad...due tuesdayquestion 2 of Case 10 (Patterson)

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For MBAGrad...due tuesday
question 2 of Case 10 (Patterson)
This is a more difficult case and will require a more detailed and thoughtful discussion.
The grading "rubric" here is to correctly APPLY leadership theories: Fiedler (1 pts), Hersey-Blanchard (1 pts), and Path-Goal (2 pts). Be sure to compare and contrast the two managers styles and behaviors in your discussion. There is also 1 pt for organization and logic. For the last 5 pts, APPLY the major elements from the book by Friedman, T.L. & Mandelbaum, M. (2011) That used too be us. New York: Picador
You must explicitly identify which concepts and ideas are relevant and explicitly apply them to specific aspects of the Patterson case. I do not expect cookie cutter uniformity in your thoughts. Again, debate is good!
Hello! I'll be glad to assist you, but I need some additional information first. Where it says, "For the last 5 pts, APPLY the major elements from the book by Friedman, T.L. & Mandelbaum, M. (2011) That used too be us. New York: Picador"...What are these major elements? I do not have access to this book.

Also, the value on this question is way too low for the type of analysis and level of detail required. I think a fair rate is $50 total for the question (of which I get a percentage.) Please let me know if this sounds fair and change the question rate.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The price is fine. I will be happy to change it for you and I will have to fund that book also. I will upload it in for you once I find it.

OK, thank you! : )
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is what I found that may be helpful and tie into the Patterson Case


How do I up the price or just add the tip so it adds up to $50?

The information provided should be sufficient for me to complete this.

I'm not exactly sure how to change the price. I know it's possible, but you may have to contact customer service to find out how. Or, like you mentioned, just add in a tip so it totals $50. I'm OK with it either way.

Thanks; I'll have this completed tomorrow.
Hi - Here you go!

Please download and save the answer (in Word format, with references) from this link:

If satisfied, please remember to rate/accept this answer. (This is how I receive proper credit for my time.)

Once "Accepted" or rated ("3 or above"), I will close the link for your privacy, so please be sure to save the document.

I appreciate your positive feedback. Tip/bonus greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you!
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As I read the answer, I did not see the leadership styles of May Allison

Hi - It mentions May Allison in comparison to Fred Hammond (she took over the Patterson plant after Hammond and adopted his same leadership style), so the two are used interchangeably as compared to the management of the Section 10 plant, which was managed completely different.
Hi! I'll be glad to assist you anytime.

Feel free to request my assistance directly on any future questions by entering your question to me in this link:

You may also request my direct assistance by typing "For MBAGrad" in front of your question.

Thank you!

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