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There is new music out from XXXXX XXXXX (the billionaire) called,

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There is new music out from XXXXX XXXXX (the billionaire) called, "Everywhere At Once" which has a track featuring singer Joe Walsh. This track is called "Six Strings From Hell" and I want to know what you say about what the title, "Six Strings From Hell" means. Is it that the only thing someone has is a guitar and their talent? Then if so, sarcastic maybe about only having guitar playing or calling attention to a dramatic situation? Is it that because they had the guitar they avoided a very bad situation? Is it about a person in general who had a relatively fine or small skill and used it when necessary to avoid getting in trouble? And is it about also happening through circumstance to be able to play the guitar in an environment that means simply playing it which is usually not unpleasant but through the player's circumstances happens to be made unavoidably unpleasant or "hellish" for someone else? That everyone likes the guitar playing except through only circumstances not all do or can? And does it draw attention to coarseness in a person through the title in that it is extreme to be only guitar strings or playing away from "hell" or a deeply bad situation and to compare the two things together is coarse or socially clumsy? Can you please address each of those points, questions I asked here in your answer? It helps to have an expert opinion. I appreciate it; thanks. Is it about something else I have not asked about here?

The lyrics are about someone who sold his soul to the devil for a guitar, see

The title refers to the guitar.
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