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What is the meaning behind the rock formation fountain at the

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What is the meaning behind the rock formation fountain at the baseball stadium in Anaheim for the Anaheim Angels MLB baseball team home games? A meaning besides it just being there? Is there a story about it or reason it was built that way? Any special reason it was put there? Some fountains are replicas of famous fountains; is this supposed to specifically represent geysers in Yellowstone Park or anything other than being artistic, amusing in itself? I believe it is called Angel Stadium, the location in which the rock formation, Extravaganza, (not sure if that is its name), is present. If possible, why was it specifically built? I think it is not real or natural rock, is that correct?
Have spent many of a nice evening at Angel Stadium of Anaheim (AKA The Big A). Being 11 games out of first with an all star lineup hurts but the second half I hope will turn things around.

As for your question about the rock formation in center field, the people associated with putting that structure in the stadium is the Disney Company when they purchased the club from the Autry family. Extensive remodel of the stadium from what was also a football stadium as the home of the Rams. The famous scoreboard shaped as the "A" is now in the parking lot and the halo on the top lights up when the angels win either at home or on the road.

Named "California Spectacular",the formation is composed of trees and an artificial rock formation that resembles the rocky California coastline. Water runs over the rocks, and the display also has fireworks and a geyser that can shoot water 90 feet into the air.

Along with waterfalls and a small rock formation of an "A" along the side of it, this also is where television cameraman are located to get the picture from center field.

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