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Can you please tell me the names of each and every song played

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Can you please tell me the names of each and every song played in the following 2 movies/programs as well as the names of all of the musicians that performed each and every song in both of the movies/programs? The 2 movies/programs are as follows: Superheroes Don't Need Capes and Believers Among Us: A Life Reborn. Thank you for your assistance.

Hello and welcome. That is quite a task when someone don't have both . If you have the DVD with you, you may be able to find that in the ending credit (song and music is usually very close to the end of credit). You may find music group name or orchestra name and that way find the name of their composing members. Information may also be in a DVD extra if not in the ending credit.

Another way is to ask the production companies for that information.
For Superheroes Don't Need Capes:
ND studios

For Believers Among Us: A Life Reborn:
Believers LLC, Power in Faith
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