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My 9th grader wants to call 10-15 of his school friends. I

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My 9th grader wants to call 10-15 of his school friends. I wanted ideas to keep them entertained and occupied for 4-5 hours. thanks
Having 10-15 boys over for a few hours is something to plan ahead for as keeping them entertained without being bored is job number one!
Having just the boys play video games or watch movies can be fine for just so long so let me offer some inexpensive ideas to keep the boys happy and out of your hair:

1. If the boys are into sports, let them bring balls, bats, gloves etc and set up outside. Trade off with each sport as soccer can be played at first and then go to baseball, football etc. Nerf products can also be used outside as well as inside.

2. A scavenger hunt party is a good idea to keep the boys busy. Start with putting together clues on cards you can make up ahead of time. Come up with a list of odd and fun items for your boys to find. They can hunt around the house or your garden.

3. Depending on your area where you live as well as the weather, you can do some cooking outside (or inside if the weather is bad). Some simple items purchased ahead of time to create say pizza, hamburgers etc. Something that each boy can do on his own and create something that they made by themselves.

4. Being a public librarian, there are some very cool books that you can borrow on crafts and one happens to be making paper airplanes. Boys can take their paper and create some elaborate ones. Here are some links for you to review to get an idea of making them:

5. Use your computer and have the boys do a karaoke competition. There are a number of free services online to use for music.

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