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Ask Veronica, Entertainment Exec.
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Will I ever be famous.

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Will I ever be famous.

Hi Amber,


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a Talent Agent and I would enjoy working with you today.

I can assess your career potential however I do need some additional information.

Please let me know if you would like to continue and I look forward to your response.



If you to become famous you can make this happen, but not if you are complacent about it. Your priority needs to be maximum exposure to employers and positions and maximization of all your resources and professional resources to make sure you scoop up every single opportunity, even if it means multiple interviews and you actually needing to just go to them to politely turn them down.

What I mean by this is you need to play an active role, not a passive role in trying to go out and look for other positions - you can do this right now so you know what is available.

You should be revising any resume you have to improve it and build it but also going to interviews so that employers and positions can actually see that you are the person they want to have.

If you do nothing, jobs, interviews, parts for movies, songs will not fall into a person's lap. In other words, you need to be active about going out and finding other employment, showing interest and initiative that you want to find position as well as that you are the correct person for the position being filled. This is absolutely crucial to you finding your fame.

Do so, and you will be in another position considerably faster and will prove much more successful than if you wait around - luck may have it that the arena you are famous in is exactly what you want.

They say good things come to those who wait - but nothing comes to those who do nothing.
Best regards,
Hi Amber,

Mike makes some excellent points. If your are interested in learning the in's and out's of the entertainment business and creating a plan for success, please visit me here:

Entertainment Career Consultant Category by pasting the following link in your browser:


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have no clue what I want to do in life. I know that i do kind of seek the famous life style but I want to be behind the scenes. I have a lot of ideas but I don't know what to lean towards. I'm very passionate about music, but I'm not a musician. I was thinking maybe a journalist or maybe opening up my own magazine. Or maybe doing broad casting, working for adult swim would be a dream. I plan to move to California next year with two of my friends, Ive always wanted to live there, but i don't know how that's going to work out and I'm hoping to maybe find myself there because at 19 years old I am lost. I would really like some assistance on which career choice I should lean towards that will make me happy. I'm so young and I'm looking forward to life, but I want to know what I want so that I can do everything I can to try to achieve that.
Hi Amber,

I am happy to hear back from you. I am proud that at such a young age you are concerned about your future. That alone tells me you will be successful.

I do work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry so I am happy to share my experiences with you.

I too went to a big city at a young age. I faced A LOT of challenges, and I will give you some major pointers so you don't have as hard a time as I do.

Working in the entertainment industry requires someone with a thick skin, the ability to work with all types of people with all kinds of personality, and starting at the very bottom. It is common to work two jobs, much like an actor who auditions during the day and waits tables at night. It is that competitive.

Before I get in to more detail, if you could answer a few questions for me, that would be incredibly helpful.

Are you currently attending college or planning to attend college ?

If yes, what will be your area of study ?

Have you done any internships in the entertainment field ?

What jobs if any have you held ?

Let's say your are a producer for your favorite MTV show. Describe to me what you think your day to day would be ?

What do you think you would enjoy the most ? What do you see as your biggest challenge ?

Do you have a decent savings account and do you have credit in good standing ?

What is it that draws you most to the entertainment industry ?

Chicago and NY are also cities to consider as well areas in North Carolina.

I look forward to helping you realize your goal and creating a map of how to get there. I eagerly await your response.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much for actually taking the time out to help me with this. You actually seem very helpful and concerned instead of giving just half answers. I will copy and paste your questions and answer them the best I can. Are you currently attending college or planning to attend college ?Right now I am attending community college in Virginia. As of now I am a liberal arts major and was going to study journalism. I did HORRIBLE my first year, with a 1.6 gpa. I know I have to work extra hard this year to bring that gpa up. I planned to transfer to vcu but my friends and I were talking about saving up and moving to California next year. Being that there is nothing in Virginia for me, besides my family of course, I am really considering this. I really want to live in LA anyway i didn't think it would happen until I was like 30 but if I have the chance to go now I am really thinking of doing it. I am going to go to a community college out there and work and then hopefully transfer to UCLA. I am thinking of maybe making my major broadcasting and communications but I have no idea exactly what I want to do, so that's a major thing I need help with deciding. Have you done any internships in the entertainment field ?Not yet. I am very fresh and haven't done much yet I've had a few jobs here and there in retail and one as a barista lol.What jobs if any have you held ? I've cream parlor at 16, old navy, starbucksLet's say your are a producer for your favorite MTV show. Describe to me what you think your day to day would be ?I know that my job would be to be a leader, I would have to make sure everything is good and that my cast and everything is satisfied and comfortable. I don't exactly know what my day to day would be but I know I'd be busy What do you think you would enjoy the most ? What do you see as your biggest challenge ? I think in general The thing I'd enjoy the most when i actually make it is inspiring people that their dreams can come true if they follow them. I want to inspire people I want people to look up to me but not in a cocky way, I want them to know that they can do it to and to be themselves. I would also enjoy creating and seeing the things that I think actually come to life. The money would be enjoyable also of course. My biggest challenge would be that I was always a very shy person. As I've gotten older I am really opening out of my shell though. Do you have a decent savings account and do you have credit in good standing ? I have nothing in savings due to having to pay for school. I am starting to save right now so that hopefully I can move to Los Angeles next year. I have no credit. What is it that draws you most to the entertainment industry ? What draws me most to it is like I've said before I want to inspire millions thousands or even just hundreds of people out there. I want to make a difference in people's lives. Also being able to just do what I want. Being able to do something creative that I love for a living and make money from it. Also, I don't know if you'd be able to help me with this or not. I recently asked a question about a celebrity that I am in deep infatuation with, named Tyler the creator. I have a feeling that him and I are soulmates. I have NEVER felt like this about a celebrity or even anyone in general. Its not a normal celebrity crush I honestly can't see myself with anyone else. He is perfect to me even all his imperfections. His sense of humor is exactly like mine, I think his personality is amazing, he is so genuine. We have so much Interests in common and I really want to marry him even though that would probably take a miracle. I have met him twice but was too nervous to speak to him at all. He checked me out though so that made me excited lol. I was told that there is a strong chance that there is some karmic ties between is and that I will meet him again and will probably have a better connection with him and will be able to be on a friend basis with him but nothing more. I was wondering if I do move to LA if there is a chance Him and I will become good friends. If I don't end up dating him I at least really wish for that. Although he is not the sole reason I want to move out there.
Hi Amber,

I don't think journalism is the right major for you. You are correct in thinking that mass media/entertainment is a great way to touch the lives of many people. If you are thinking about one day being a television host, I would suggest some Universities that specialize in that area, however, LA is not the place for that and you often spend years working in a very small market and may never cross over. My instinct says no to journalism.

I can see you as a creator/producer of a show or series. Also, are you a creative writer ? Can you see yourself writing a screenplay ?

If you are to continue with school in Sept, I would try and focus on film/tv classes if offered, literature, psychology and sociology. The last two will help you understand
what makes people tick and what the mass population needs. Both subjects compliment each other and if you can, i would try to take them together or semester to semester.

In terms of your GPA, I am not super concerned. If you were going to apply to Graduate School yes, get those grades up. And your GPA will go up as you start studying subjects you really like.

One of the most valuable services a College has to offer is INTERNSHIPS. It is a must to apply for any internship that relates to the field you are interested in. I have hired countless interns after they have graduated. It is also something to start filling your resume with and employers love to see that you have had prior experience.

In terms of potentially moving to LA, yes I would go if a) you have secured a job relating to entertainment or a paid internship and b) if you were to be attending UCLA.


I have no issue with you moving there in fact, it is not a bad idea to take a year off from school to experience what work life is like. It can help you determine how to move forward. Let's see if we can find you the right type of job. There is no point to you moving there to be a waitress. You can do that in VA, live at home, and save up your money. Does that make sense ?

GOALS: Save, establish good credit, track the job market through websites, estimate how much money you will need for the move and 18 months of survival, plus car and insurance

It's funny you mention you have been a Barista and worked in an Ice Cream Parlor and Retail. There are so few women in positions of power in the entertainment business that I always ask them that question. And we all have the same background of having worked in retail or customer service oriented areas. That exposure to the general public helps develop a specific skill set that applies to our business. So you are right on track Amber !

In terms of being shy, you are still so young in a good way. Enjoy being young as you have so many wonderful experiences ahead of you and you are just beginning to define who you are. I bet in 5 more years that shyness will be gone. I just feel it.

A great habit to start is to alway introduce yourself to people you don't know at an event, party ect.. first. Take the initiative, shake hands, and try to get their first and last name. Try to remember everyones name that you meet as it will serve you well in your future endeavors. This is how I train my new assistants and it has brought a lot of them out of their shell.

In terms of making money in entertainment, it is the type of industry were you start getting paid nothing, but if you stick with it and move up the ladder, in 5 - 10 years you can easily make 200% more than where you started and most industries do not increase by that much.

In terms of liking Tyler, I do agree that there are certain bio-chemical connections between people and especially if you have had a face to face encounter, it is possible there is that type of connection. Have you seen his episode on Punk'D ? I think that is the best way to see a celebrities true color.

Here are my goals for Amber:

1- You must establish credit. Strong Credit. That means ONLY CHARGING WHAT YOU CAN PAY FOR AT THE END OF THE MONTH !!!!!

Even if you can only charge $ 20.00 dollars a month, that is fine as long as you pay in full and on time. NEVER EVER PAY INTEREST ON A CREDIT CARD !!!

It is a big scam. Which means, never buy what you cannot afford, only use the credit card for what you have in the bank. The upside is we can make the credit card work for you. Most credit companies offer points. As you start paying more bills ect..., you will pay everything by credit and then pay off in FULL at the end of the month. You will also earn cash back points which turns in to money so you can actually be ahead.

For example, I charge everything possible including cable bill, cellphone ect..

If I earn 500 points per month, that is $ 5 cash dollars. Wait for it to build and before you know it, you will have $ 500.00 free dollars. That's a secret probably nobody your age knows about !

The other reason I want you to establish good credit is, a) you can't live in LA without a car and b) you will need good credit to rent an apartment and if you have no credit or bad credit you will be denied.

2- Savings. Each month, it is important to put 10% of our paycheck in a savings account. Set it up automatically and don't even think about it. You will thank me in ten years.

3- Start looking now at apt rentals and car costs. Know exactly how much money you need to have before going out there and go for it. If you need two jobs to make the cash, do it. If this is your dream, see it through and best prepare yourself for it to be a success.

4- There is a great site called which will list internships paid and unpaid, as well as all positions in entertainment by city. Start looking and see what the qualifications are and inquire about salary if not listed.

5- Also, make a list of all of the companies you would like to work for then research if they offer any internships. Even if it is just for the summer, it is worth the trip for the experience.

6- Know that none of this will happen overnight, but if you dedicate yourself to working on it a little bit every day, it will happen.

7- Preparation and knowledge are key

8- Don't let anyone hold you back. It is your life, so live it !!!!!!!!!

Please let me know if I have been helpful. I am only compensated for my time if you rate me positively. My goal is excellent and I hope you feel I have done an excellent job. If you would like to continue working together on additional questions, please request me by writing FOR ASK VERONICA ONLY in the subject title.

Based on the quality of your answers and the quickness of your response, I can confidently say you have what it takes and you will be a success !

Talk soon,


Ask Veronica, Entertainment Exec.
Category: Entertainment
Satisfied Customers: 154
Experience: 10+ years as an Entertainment Executive and Industry Insider
Ask Veronica and other Entertainment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I do really want to move to LA next year, and although I do not have a secured job in entertainment there my plan was to attend community college while working in order to be eligible to receive instate tuition and hopefully transfer to UCLA 9-12 months later. I am very interested in creative writing, so writing a show would be a wonderful possibility for me. There's many little projects I think I might wanna do such as open a magazine or something. I really admire odd futures fame and how they do so many different things creatively. And how they have basically a cult following of teens who they inspire. I am very very passionate about music and always have been. I am interested in film but music is something I'm extremely passionate about. I don't know if there's something I could do as a career that's kind of behind the scenes.

Thanks for your help so far, I am going to have my grandmother who is an account establish my credit and I am going to start saving up as soon as possible. Another issue I have is laziness. I expect things to just happen but as I'm getting older I know I need to GO OUT and make them happen on my own. I'm just kind of scared that my laziness will take over. I am very good at knowing exactly what I want long term wise, but horrible at planning what to achieve each day to get that goal, and before I know it a year has passed and I am in the same position.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As far as Tyler is concerned I have seen his episode on punkd I've seen plenty of videos of him on YouTube goofing around with friends. Those videos are what made me so infatuated with him since we both have similar views on life and we have common interests and sense of humor. Many people say that it will never work out because he is slightly famous, but I do not think that should be relevant because he is still a human being. I was wondering how the best way for me to open up to him and catch his interest would be if I do get the chance to meet him again.
That is a good plan re: in state tuition. I am going to give some thought as to what

type of employment might give you cash and some experience. UCLA is a great


In terms of laziness, it is a habit you can break especially since you recognize it.

It is good to get up and go to sleep at the same time each day so your body gets in to

a pattern. Adding a physical activity such as power walking, hiking, bicycling ect... will

give you more energy.

But most important is to commit to obtaining your goals. You should spend at least

one hour per day working on ideas, research, ect...

And I would like you to check in with me so I can see your progress.

Don't listen to other people tell you what you can and cannot do. Try everything at

least once so you can decide what is right for you. If you do run in to Tyler again,

be bold, walk right up to him and introduce yourself and let nature take its course.

I have faith in you Amber.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you so much. Please get back to me when you have ideas on employment. Right now I am working at old navy and I hate it with a passion. And I hate Virginia with a passion. I was thinking of sending pics in to try to become an American apparel ( ) model when I get to LA because it would give me some money and I feel as though my look fits theres very well being that I am multicultural and I am very natural. I just need to diet and excercise to loss some weight. Pleas let me know if this sounds as a good idea.
What is your zip code ? Let me see what I can find. How tall are you and approx weight/jean size ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
20121. I am about 5'8" and 155 pounds. Size 8. I know I will need to lose weight, but over all I think I have the looks to fit it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As for Tyler I was just wondering how I should approach him without seeming like a groupie or just another fan. Do I compliment his work? Then just treat him as a normal person? I think I am thinking way to hard about this.
Believe it or not, plus size models start at a size 8 which is frightening as I am sure you look great at that weight. If you can email me your measurements like waist, hips, and bra cup size and all around, I will let you know if you are the right proportions.

You mentioned you have a multi-ethnic look which is all the rage right now so let's so if we can put you to work.

In terms of Tyler, you are correct in saying you might be over thinking it. I do think it is great to think things through and be prepared, but you cannot predict what will actually happen person to person so you need to be ready to improv on the spot and let the natural conversation flow. I am sure you know a lot about his work and artists' do appreciate being recognized for their talent other than " Oh my God I love you so much..."

So if you can come up with a professional compliment, that would be a great start.

I work around celebrities all day and I promise you one on one they are normal people. When they are performing and in public they tend to put on a persona, but at the end of the day they all want and need the same things that we all do.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am not sure what your email is, if you can give it to me in your next reply that would be great. My measurements are about 34 27 42 at the moment and I am dieting and planning on losing some of those inches lol.