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Another question about access to a teenage prisoner in a Juvenile

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Another question about access to a teenage prisoner in a Juvenile Delinquent Center. How much access would the prisoner's lawyer have to the prisoner? Would his lawyer be able to call, text or email the prisoner, or would he need to be on an approved visitor's list and be able to only talk to his client in person at the facility? Thanks for your help. Again, this is for a film, not a real case.
In general, inmates cannot receive emails or phone calls. They can make collect calls to their lawyers, and their lawyers can meet with them in person at the holding facility. The lawyer cannot call, text or email, but can send letters.

Facilities do maintain what are called approved visitors lists, but any lawyer who shows up and says he or she is representing an inmate will normally be allowed to enter the facility to visit the client. I have visited inmates in various facilities and my bar card always got me in.

I hope this information is helpful.
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