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My 14 yr old daughter has theater experience, but needs film/commercials/TV

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My 14 yr old daughter has theater experience, but needs film/commercials/TV experience of any sort for her ultimate goal-(which is to be a film or TV actress, of course.) We live in Sacramento, CA. Is there a reliable way to be kept abreast of any such open auditions in OUR area? We could get to Frisco or Reno if need be--or to L.A. for a MAJOR audition. But now, even to be an extra in a nearby-shot movie would be great. Should I seek an agent for her, and if so, which one? Should I ever pay for an agent?
I recommend that you read this article, What You Really Need To Know About Managers And Talent Agents, posted at

The article states:
If a person is acting as a "talent agent" in California, they must obtain a license from the State Labor Commissioner and are subject to state regulation.
Talent agents should provide artists with written contracts for gigs and tours, and artists should review these contracts with their attorney and negotiate any necessary changes or riders for special needs, when the situation permits.

There is also some information and useful links posted at

The Talent Agencies Act is posted at
and it does appear to allow some fees to be charged by the agent to the artist. But the better agencies do not get money from a model or artist until after the client has earnings from the agency.

She would do well to go with an established licensed agency such as

There is a list of List of Licensed Talent Agencies in the state of California posted at

You need to be aware of California Labor Code:
§ 1700.37. A minor cannot disaffirm a contract, otherwise valid,
entered into during minority, either during the actual minority of
the minor entering into such contract or at any time thereafter, with
a duly licensed talent agency as defined in Section 1700.4 to secure
him engagements to render artistic or creative services in motion
pictures, television, the production of phonograph records, the
legitimate or living stage, or otherwise in the entertainment field
including, but without being limited to, services as an actor,
actress, dancer, musician, comedian, singer, or other performer or
entertainer, or as a writer, director, producer, production
executive, choreographer, composer, conductor or designer, the blank
form of which has been approved by the Labor Commissioner pursuant to
Section 1700.23, where such contract has been approved by the
superior court of the county where such minor resides or is employed.
Such approval may be given by the superior court on the petition
of either party to the contract after such reasonable notice to the
other party thereto as may be fixed by said court, with opportunity
to such other party to appear and be heard.

Also please be aware of FAMILY.CODE §§ 6750-6753, posted at

A good agent is priceless.

I hope this information is helpful.
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