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How can I contact Eminem aka Slim Shady (Marshall B Mathers

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How can I contact Eminem aka Slim Shady (Marshall B Mathers III) on his cell phone? Eminem is my favourite celebrity. My desire is strong to talk to him. I'm a european citizen. My homeland is an island in the Meditterenean Sea. I have already hired a private investigator in my homeland to find out his mail address at his current residence and also his private e-mail address. They have lied to me about the e-mail address ([email protected]) because nobody has replied to my e-mails and also this e-mail is so easy to fingure it out. There is no postal code at the mail address at his residence that they have send to me. Unfortunately, I have paid this private investigator 300 Euros. Finally, I hope that you can help me to find an idea of how I can contact Eminem.
Hello, Customer, and welcome back to JustAnswer!

Most celebrities' genuine, personal mail (street mail) addresses, email addresses and cell phone numbers are not available to the public, because they want to preserve their privacy, as you can well imagine. I'm so sorry you paid a Private Investigator to find out this information for you, which turned out to be inaccurate.

Unfortunately, you will most likely never be able to find out Eminem's real addresses, but, you do have the opportunity to contact him through his representatives like his management agency, agent or publicist. Will he personally receive and read your letter? There's no sure way to tell, but sometimes, if you are 'creative' and mark the envelope with colorful writing and say something like 'Personal--Please give to Eminem to read', etc., it might find it's way into his hands.

Most Celebrity fan sites and other internet searches for Celebrity email addresses, like this one, state the following:

"We do not list an email address for Eminem because most email addresses circulating the Internet are fake and those that are genuine (very few) become so popular that the owners change them soon after they are posted somewhere. Email addresses are impossible to verify (anyone can sign up for a free email address.) Most celebrities prefer and will reply only to traditional mail."

This is the most recent contact information for Eminem:


David Schiff

Schiff Company

9465 Wilshire Blvd #480

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Cara Lewis

William Morris Agency

1325 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10019

Phone: 212-586-5100


Production Manager:


Paul Rosenberg

M2M Studios

1366 Rose Avenue

Venice, CA 90291

Phone: 310-664-9633


Recording Agent:


Interscope Records

2220 Colorado Avenue

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 310-865-1000

Recording Company:

Shady Records

151 Lafayette Street

6th Floor

New York, NY 10013

Phone: 212-324-2410

His Fan mail address is the same as his recording company, above; see more information here:

As they state, don't get your hopes up, of getting a personal response back, but, you can never tell. If you request an autographed, photo, you might get this, but it will be sent out by his publicist's office or an assistant. If you do want to get back an autographed photo, your chances are best, by including a self addressed, stamped envelope (use U.S. postage) large enough for an 8X10 photo, so all they have to do is put the photo in the envelope and mail it back to you (if they do send photos at all--most celebrities' representatives will send photos, if requested).

I wish you the best of luck!

I hope you have found this answer helpful; if so, please click 'Accept' and leave positive feedback. If you need additional information, please click 'Reply'. Thanks for the opportunity to be of help.

Best wishes,

Edited by Cher on 8/7/2010 at 7:19 PM EST
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