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Are there really people who give away free money

Resolved Question:

My husband are in serious debt and have 2 kids- 10 yrs old and 9 months old. We saved what little money we could to go through bankruptcy, but the lawyer took our money and ran. We really need a miracle. I was told there are millionaires who give away free money to those who desperately need it.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  AmyW replied 10 years ago.
A great deal of unnecessary mystery surrounds the process of philanthropy (a fancy word for "giving away money"). People do give away money to help others, usually its someone that you know or have met through other people. The government does have alot of programs available to help familys in need, First and foremost I would contact the police and file a complaint about the lawyer that took your money. Then I would contact your local department of health and human services and they will go over all the assistance available to you and your family this assistance will start immediatly for you. Good Luck, I hope everything works out for you.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to AmyW's Post: I already know about human services. I was wondering about multi-millionaires giving away money, perhaps if you send them a letter or video? My sister said she has heard that some rich people will give money away- that is what I am asking about.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I prefer a second opinion.
I dont feel as though my question was really answered. And I did not get a response back from my reply to her answer.
Expert:  AmyW replied 10 years ago.

Sorry not to get back to you sooner, computer was having glitches. I found three sites that I believe may be able to help you.

Giving Forum- this is a site for individuals that want to give to familys and organizations, I could not find an application for you to apply for assistance, but they have a contact us tab that you can utilize to get information on how to apply for the assistance yourself.

Sir Ratan Tata Trust

This site makes individual grants for education and medical relief


Gateway to giving

This organization is individuals helping familys and organizations that need financial help. I could not find an application on this site but again you can use the contact button to request information on how to apply for assistance.

I hope these help you, I have noticed that alot of wealthy people belong to these types of organizations to help familys instead of giving in their own names.

Expert:  AmyW replied 10 years ago.

Here is the gateway to giving link


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