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Bridgette, Worked in post production on movies
Category: Entertainment
Satisfied Customers: 207
Experience:  I have alot of contacts from working in the film industry/inlaws is a director/film editor
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How do I get my child into movies, TV, or commercials ...

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How do I get my child into movies, TV, or commercials?
Hi, the first thing you need is pictures, composite or portfolio. You should enroll he/she in acting/modeling workshops. Then you need an child agent. Thats what you need to get started. Below is a website to a agent in your area they might be able to refer you to a good child agent. Be prepared you might have to get one out of NY I don't think there is one in WV. If you need anymore help just ask. Bridgette

Also I should have mentioned, which someone pointed out that you should NEVER pay any agency money. They usualy try and get you by saying that there photgrapher will take the pics, and then charge you some outragerous fee. Get pictures done on you own to start, later if you do get a reputable agent they probably will refer you to a photographer, which is ok as long as you never give the agency money. Good Luck Bridgette
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