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I was eating some organic black licorice the other day from

Customer Question

I was eating some organic black licorice the other day from a 2 lb bag (907 g). I ate quite a bit for several days in about a 3 or 4 day span but shared it with others and remembered seeing at one time that licorice root (extract) decreases testosterone. It's causing me to have panic and anxiety that I have disturbed my testosterone even though I saw the following study below. Please give your professional opinion if my testosterone can be affected if I ate half a bag in 3 days (approx 450 g).In otherwise healthy men given 7g of liquorice containing 0.5g glycyrrhizic acid for one week, testosterone was reduced to 55% of baseline by day 4 and maintained this reduction to day 7, and was normalized 4 days after cessation.[180]500mg of Glycyrrhizic Acid (5-7g Licorice extract) appears to be able to reduce testosterone in otherwise healthy men, although the degree of reduction seems to vary between individuals and the sample sizes of human studies are not the best to assess this variability. The reduction in testosterone appears to be benign and transientAs the reduction in testosterone appears to be dose dependent, small intakes of liquorice (100g of licorice as food product, ot 150mg Glycyrrhizic Acid) does not appear to significantly reduce testosterone levels as the dose is too low
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Endocrinology
Expert:  Dr K replied 11 months ago.

No I am sure you havent reduced your testosterone. Apparently the study was on 7 grams. You ate about 1/14 that amount. Even if you ate 7 g, the study clearly indicates that the testosterone recovers to a normal level within a week, so it should really have no effect at all. No worries.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you for your response. I actually ate half the 2 lb bag over a 3 day span (approx 450 g) so I'm not seeing how it's 1/14 that amount. I'm not a math expert but theoretically if the ratio is 7 grams to 4 days of recovery then 450 grams would be 256 days to recovery?? Is that math right? 450/7=64 then 64 x 4 =256?? I just need some real math to help my irrational thinking... Can you help me?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Expert:  Dr K replied 11 months ago.

ok I see that now. Its 450 g. And no it does not work that way. Just because the study shows that recovery after 7 grams occurs in 4 days, does not mean it takes 256 days to recover after 450 grams. Nobody has proven any dose related recovery rate. In fact it could be that the recovery is exactly the same. It is not as simple as "just doing the math" Someone would actually need to do a study that says that the recovery rate is a linear relationship. There is no biological reason why it would be. Its likely that the recovery rate is 4 days no matter how much you eat. If you are worried, ask your Dr to get a level done, I bet its normal

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