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Asad Rahman
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I worked at the same company 16 years. In July we made a

Customer Question

I worked at the same company 16 years. In July we made a move and I ended up getting put next to a co-worker who on the second day jumped down my throat when I arrived at work because she did not like the way I said hello to her that morning. She called me a first name that only my parents would call me like I was a child and she belittled me by getting everyone around her to join her tirade. Then she made a ridiculous comment about "I could be dead" which I did not understand. She dragged the charade into the kitchen where she told another co-worker that I shouldn't bring negative things to work with me. I ended up in tears and on the phone for an hour with a family member because the attack upset me badly. I ended up telling a Supervisor who suggested I move although I had done nothing wrong. After this verbal assault I ignored her entirely and those around her who joined her bandwagon. I started to notice items of mine missing and money when I was dumb enough to leave my bag on the desk and walk away a few minutes. Sentimental items were stolen from my desk, money was missing, my religious statues were slammed face down every morning I came to work, once my lock on my cabinet was broke, food and water of mine was opened from the refrigerator and on my desk. One day she had mumbled that she was going to make damn sure that certain people did not sit in the seat next to her. Other attacks followed such as getting people to jump all over me once because I accidentally burped and another time she told an employee graphically about what I was doing in the restroom and that no one should go in there because of the smell even though this wasn't true. My Supervisor got sick of the complaints and the antics and told HR. HR sat on it for five months and now just got to it. The solution was to talk to her and all the people she knows to see if she did anything I said. I did not see her steal but since she does not want me around I had to assume it was a tactic to get rid of me. The HR rep was a real asshole, he made bodily gestures and expressions like he was playing good cop bad cop and I was on trial. He made me feel like crap although I had done nothing. Today I had to meet with him again and he trivialized anything I had told him telling me her actions are unintentional and the original verbal attack was just to "get me out of my shell" as he smirked at me and dauntingly said he had "talked to several people" concerning this situation. I went back to work extremely upset and truthfully want to quit and possibly not go in tomorrow. This bully has a history of doing things to others but every time they protect her. Now she's done her damage and has decided to go on a work leave. I will not have this jerkoff HR guy tell me I'm fired over something I did not do so if I quit, I want to sue and I want to sue the company and I want them to know what horrible crap they hire in HR. The company used to be a good one but they have filled it with inadequate jerks who don't stand up for excellent, hard working people who go to work to actually work. I need help and advice, thank you.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 10 months ago.
I am sorry to hear that. You seem to be a victim of harassment and a hostile work environment. You need to reach out to a local employment law attorney about pursuing your claim. I am happy to answer any specific questions you have. You should not have to endure this. Do not quit though as that makes it harder to pursue your case.

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