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I work large corporation and past few years have

Customer Question

I work for a large corporation and for the past few years have been struggling with a peer of mine who has a friendship with our vendor. My peer constantly tries to push this vendors products into our environment and tries to get my team to test them. She corroborates with this vendor - and the relationship is inappropriate. Recently I suspected they went on vacation together. I called the hotel and sure enough they were there. I reported this to my supervisor. She actually did as well and is accusing me of "abnormal interest' in her. Did I cross the line here or potentially do anything legally wrong by calling the hotel?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  John replied 10 months ago.
You didn't do anything illegal or unethical. Also, it does sound like there is a conflict of interest if the peer and vendor have a personal relationship and that very person is in a position of influence to promote the vendor's product in house. In other words, your concern of undue influence is legitimate. But, you cannot force your employer to acknowledge the conflict...if they want to be misled etc. that's their you have to back off/ignore the matter if that's what they want.

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