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Sorry I am unwilling to provide a copy of the complaint I am

Customer Question

Sorry I am unwilling to provide a copy of the complaint I am writing. I think it best describes the situation. But tired of cutting and pasting with nothing new to add.
I drive for Uber, Specifically, Ubereats, an instant food delivery service. I have been to OSHA who could not help because of the independant contractor status and food contamination in the complaint. I have been to Cook County Health Department/ They sent complaint to Chicago. Waiting for a response from health department.
I was delivering food from the Chicago History Museum Parking Garage and beneath the Ohio Feeder Ramp. I have a food handlers card. The conditions include food and feces, spent motor oils, radiator fluids, and brake dust on the parking garage floor prior to sale to Ubereats customers. The crumbling Ohio Feeder Ramp dropping cement flakes and rocks.
To drive for Uber my car was required to be inspected. Pictures of the outside of the car, and the inside. Also I was required to produce permits that show I understood driving laws and legally permitted to drive a vehicle.
Also, the recruitment program for Ubereats included an invitation. Each week I would get an invitation to work. I would submit a schedule and sometimes they sent me one. Often they did not. After accepting the invite, I was unable to pick up work from Chicago's Home of Chicken and waffles, my real job, to fill in for the other 2 drivers who may need a day off. Every week, I get calls to fill in a day or two. sometimes only 2-3 hours. Uber also sends invitations to referrals and is an invite to APPLY to drive.
Also, I receive an addition email announcing, same partners, 20% increase in demand, but was asked to sign up through a different contract. Because the condition where the food is being handled is in such unsanitary areas, I morally can not sign up for this new thing until I have inspected it to make sure Uber, or the partner running the distribution point provides simple tools, like a table, door and 2 exits to do this job correctly. I really should be able to wash my hands as well.
The complaint I will be filing, is for interference, contract breach, unsafe working conditions.
The interference is from not getting a schedule and by not supplying simple Critical control points and critical items required by the health department to handle food safely. Tables, and ways to keep the food warm while waiting for the other inventory to show up under the ramp and at the parking garage.
The loss of income is from not getting a schedule as was expected. Losses caused by not being able to accept work, or provide similar food services to competitors, and not being able to create my own food delivery app and business.
The contract breech is from not following the law to provide a safe workplace intentionally as the City of Chicago granted use of the History museum and believe it or not, the viaduct under the Ohio Feeder Ramp.
Safe work places must have 2 exits and in a few cases 1 exit that is large enough to support all persons exiting that leads to a safe area. The viaduct has one exit for cars, but leads directing into traffic on Kingsbury St. The side walk is about 4 feet wide is connected to the structures, exterior cement wall
Health laws were skirted or perverted in order to allow Uber to distribute food.
I am asking the court to have Uber sit down with me to discuss the working conditions. I also ask Uber for a paid leave until the workplace(s) are deemed safe, and a dumpster to clean out my mom's house.
Because the losses are so low and the situation scandalous, punitive damages seems to be the only way. my pains can be relieved. I'm not including it, but during this working situation I ended up in the ER and diagnosed with Hemoptysis, Diabetes, and a larnyx disorder. Adding it would be shock value only, but for all I know, it's stress that caused the bleeding.
Uber is distributing food that could cause an outbreak, they invite me to work and then never send me a schedule on several occasions. The distribution point provided is unsafe, unsanitary and goes against health code. I missed a few days working elsewhere because I promised my time to Ubereats. I have threatening emails that forced me to pay Chicago red lights ticket to keep my Uber work. 100's of texts that I can't stop because Ubereats requires the text notification to be active on my phone where Uber allows me to turn off the constant Uber texts about surge snowdays, and that I have insurance due in a week.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Uber does not cook the food. They order 500 meals from top restaurants in the city and over a few hours 10am to 230pm, shipments show up at the museum and viaduct and the lunches are distributed to diver's like me. They are always in hot bags, but the bags are not plugged in. Everyday they sit there unplugged as there are no outlets to plug the bags in. The law states, prepared food must be kept warm during transport.
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I have carefully reviewed your post. However, I did not see a specific question. What is your question? Are you looking for an Attorney on this site to represent you? If so, this site does not offer legal representation. We only provide answers to questions asked--we only provide general legal information. Thank you for your cooperation,