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Asad Rahman
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I work at a bank where I am a regional sales specialist

Customer Question

I work at a bank where I am a regional sales for trade specialist covering and supporting a bunch of offices in my region. I have been supporting a branch mgr who is known to be difficult to work with. What has complicated my issue is that over the 3 yes I have been employed her I have not had a permanent mgr as the last 3 quit due to mgt issue. I have not had anyone to address the issue. I tried to address with branch mgr's mgr but she was dissimive and excused her behavior. Not getting anywhere, I addressed it with both my team lead and interim mgr. interim mgr said she would schedule a mtg to address with mgr and branch mgr's mgr. this mtg never occurred. I received an email reply from this person which I took as inappropriate. She copied her mgr and mine in the response. I asked my mgr for her reaction to the email and her reply was to try to talk to her to build a trust relationship. I replied with a copy to HR with my reaction stating that I thought was unprofessional and inappropriate coming from a bank employee. About two months later I receive a call from my team lead irate . Saying he received a call from this branch mgr saying I wasn't getting back to her client. My team lead was aware that it was not true and said that he would inform our mgr. since I did not hear back after my email complaint I contacted hr and told them about what had occurred. I asks out the status of my initial complaint and they were surprised to hear that nobody had been in contact with me no even my mgr. a few weeks later, a mtg geot scheduled to meet with hr, my mgr, me, branch mgr and her mgr. the agenda contained 3 bullet pt basically stating working as at team and communication. I responded asking if my complaint about inappropriate behavior would be addresses. Her response back to me was your perception of inappropriateness could be a discussion item. At the mtg, I stated my case for inappropriate behavior from this person citing examples backed by emails and witnesses. At the conclusion of the mtg they said that they viewed it as a communication issue. And said I needed to meet with this person monthly. My team lead contacted me the following day asking about outcome of mtg. His response was that a monthly mgt would make the problem worse and he was concerned that her mgr was not doing a better job at managing her. Since hr asked me to send an email with anything else I did not get to say, I did. I expressed my disadisfaction of outcome andrepeated what I did in the mtg stating that this persons behavior was pervasive. And was upset that I was no allowed to give names of other during mtg. In the email I named other individuals that had complained to her mgr about this person's behavior and they also felt dismissed. Did I do something wrong by referencing the individual names? One person called me up on Friday upset saying that I should have warned her as she was cut off guard when she received a call from her mgr and hr to verify the info. Hr scheduled a mtg to meet with only me next week. My further questions are. What is hr process for handling employee complaints as well as deadlines? Also should I be concerned about having given names of other employees voicing similar complaints with examples of what was said? Any advice you can provide would be helpful
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

Your situation is troubling but not uncommon unfortunately. HR does have an obligation to investigate all claims that are submitted. Clearly this person has had multiple complaints but for whatever reason they seem reluctant to act. I am concerned for you for speaking on other employees' behalf. While your heart was in the right place, what is likely to happen is that those employees will deny it and now it looks like you made it up (even if that is untrue.) Now, you could be fired with cause for making false statements (allegedly).

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The person that was upset with me for making statements on her behalf did tell me she provided HR with additional examples and statements to support claims of this person's inappropriateness. She also clarified the statement I made on the second person's behalf which I heard from her. She also defended me that I have not had a permanent mgr in 3yrs and I had no other choice but to file a complaint with hr. Could this still be a reason of concern?
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I think that helps but I would focus on your concerns primarily.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just to be clear. I should not be concerned about getting fired and I should just focus on addressing additional concerns at the next mtg. Correct? Thank you.
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

Sorry to be clear you could be fired but I think you would have a strong claim against them. What I was saying is focus on your concerns and issues. Do not try to speak for others