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I have worked at the same company years and the other day

Customer Question

Good afternoon. I have worked at the same company for 27 years and the other day was called into my boss's office since a customer of mine took offense with an email I sent him earlier that day and reported it to my boss.
Amongst the criticism he threw my way I was pretty taken aback when on two separate occasions he alluded to something being mentally wrong with me (which is partially accurate that anyone would choose to work there for that long) and at the end of our meeting suggested I get mental help.
I have sought help over the years (unbeknown to him) and don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from speaking with a skilled therapist, but am curious if there is anything illegal or discriminatory in him making those remarks to me. He's wanted me gone for many years.
I would just appreciate any guidance you may offer that I can use to protect myself from possible wrongful termination and whether there's grounds for legal action based on these remarks regardless of my employment status there.
Thanks so much for your help.
PS: not sure if this went through when I hit the orange get an answer tab but after I did a screen came up looking further info from me so I'm thinking it did. What the hey, I'll just press it again to make sure.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 1 year ago.

There is nothing illegal about suggesting seeking treatment if something about a workplace occurrence suggests to an employer that such help might be needed or useful.

In fact, in some instances (depending on the severity of the occurrence) an employer can even require proof of treatment and a clearance to return to work from a doctor before allowing someone to return to work.