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I have been employed at a local hospital for 27 years. Part

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I have been employed at a local hospital for 27 years. Part of that time I was a casual employee. I have returned to a full time position recently. I have been moved to the bottom of our department's seniority list. My boss has stated that since I just returned to full time I am starting over. I have never left this job and I have worked full time hours for several years. Do I have any recourse?

Daniel :


Daniel :

You have recourse to challenge this decision if the employer does not have a practice of doing so with others, or where you are singled out due to age or gender.

Customer: Good morning
Daniel :

If either apply you have a contract claim and a discrimination claim

Daniel :

and you may pursue a challenge with HR, the labor board, the eeoc and through local counsel

Daniel :

These are exception to the employment at will doctrine

Customer: I believe I am being singled out due to a personality conflict with my boss
Daniel :

That is basis for internal challenge to HR and senior management

Daniel :

but not for an outside challenge with court or the eeoc

Daniel :

Please let me know if the answer is clear.

Daniel :

If I can clarify anything, of course, ask me

Customer: that answers my question, thank you.
Daniel :

very welcome

Daniel :

Have a nice weekend

Daniel :

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