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Infolawyer, Lawyer
Category: Employment Law
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Experience:  Licensed attorney helping employers and employees.
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I had a fall and filed for benefits 7 days before the date

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I had a fall and filed for benefits 7 days before the date of my announced retirement. I could not work the 7 days or since. Am I entitled to lost wages benefits?

INFOLAWYER : Hello and thank you for the question. I am sorry to read of this dilemma.
INFOLAWYER : the injury happened while employed
INFOLAWYER : as such you would be entitled to file for benefits as contemplated
INFOLAWYER : including lost wages
INFOLAWYER : Is that clear?
INFOLAWYER : awaiting your reply.
INFOLAWYER : are you there?

Does the fact that I retired during the healing process affect my wage benefits? I notified the employer weeks in advance in writing.

INFOLAWYER : It does not
INFOLAWYER : you are entitled to file for benefits
INFOLAWYER : where injury happened while employed
INFOLAWYER : the notice you gave is not relevant to your qualification
INFOLAWYER : I wish you the best.
INFOLAWYER : Kindly click on an excellent rating for the answer.

Is light duty for a man whose dominate arm is in a sling (construction worker) proper? Should the offer be documented?

INFOLAWYER : Light duty would be proper if work can be performed in this setting. No work should be assigned where risks worsening the condition. The offer should be documented in writing and retained.
INFOLAWYER : Is the answer fast and acceptable?
INFOLAWYER : awaiting your reply
INFOLAWYER : Let me know if I can clarify anything.

Yes speedy answers. Exactly what I wanted to hear...which makes me nervous.

INFOLAWYER : No need to be nervous
INFOLAWYER : Have a nice weekend

Is a case site available on the retirement issue?

INFOLAWYER : This is not a case site issue, but a matter of when the event arose and here it happened while employed
INFOLAWYER : it is not an issue that goes to court or gets reported into a case in the case reporters
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