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Im an outside salesman and looking to resign in the near future.

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I'm an outside salesman and looking to resign in the near future. The company and I are located in Alabama. I get paid a salary plus commission when product is invoiced. My employment agreement doesn't state anything on how commission is to be paid once you quit. I have orders that have been placed with commission due. Will I still get paid on those orders that have been placed while i was employed and not invoiced when I resign?
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Although there is no specific law in Alabama that states when an employee has to receive their final paycheck or wages, generally it is paid on the same schedual as any other paychecks have been paid.
If you have performed all the work necessary to receive the commission and you are just waiting on the invoices to be paid, then you are entitled to the commissions on those orders. If there is remaining work to be done, then the employer could claim that the sales weren't finalized so you wouldn't be entitled to the commission.
If you have done everything necessary to complete the sales, and the employer won't pay you the commission, you can file a wage and hour complaint with the AL Dept of Labor and they can force your employer to pay you any earned wages or commissions.







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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What if my only job is to secure that the order was placed..but the product has to be built and is in process. I'm still entitled to the agreed commission even though it hasn't been shipped correct? I was currently employed when the order was placed but resigned before it was shippef and invoiced.


Please advise

Yes, if there is nothing more that you would need to have done in your role as a salesman for the company to earn your commission, then it is earned by you once the order is placed. But typically the employer wouldn't have to pay it until the customer was actually invoiced and paid for it since they could cancel and then you wouldn't receive a commission.
But assuming that the product was built, shipped, invoiced and paid, you would have earned your commission by completing the solicitation and sales portion of the deal. You are the "procuring cause" of the sale and therefore are entitled to your commission.
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