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i told someone something with their sworn confidence and they

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i told someone something with their sworn confidence and they told my secret which is now ruining my career

I'm very sorry to hear about this situation.

If what they are telling is untrue, then you have a claim against them for defamation. Are they telling the truth?

To hold someone liable for telling a secret that you told them in trust, that person must have a "fiduciary relationship" to you. So, we have to know more about who the person is and what their relationship to you was at the time you told them the secret before we can determine whether there is any action you can take.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is their promise a fiduciary relationship?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

they gave me their word

Unfortunately, their promise is not a fiduciary relationship. A promise is not binding unless it is in the form of a contract (either written or oral), which takes a quid pro quo exchange of consideration.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there was an oral contract I didnt want to divulge the information but i was pressed to do so by said individual they went beyond giving their word and the information was damaging to other individuals not related to the information given. There was more than a promise and i asked this person several times before divulging, they turned it into gossip

A promise and a contract are not always the same thing. The person promised you they would keep it a secret in exchange for what valuable consideration?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So having clarified this the outcome of this was that what I said went to company gossip and someone who is directly responsible for my hiring and working status decided to take away my employment options, it has hurt me tremendously with depression and throughout my industry. It wasn't a trade secret it was someone else's actions that I was speaking of, I was labeled a "name dropper" called so openly by my employer and thought of as a "Nark" or "tattletale by other employees which is totally unrelated to what I said in the first place. I wasn't name dropping or telling on someone, This a about a Union taking over our company that the last time they tried to do so two key people cut their own deals.


I am loosing my job of ten years and my reputation is smeared.


That is a result of this person's telling my secret, If I truly told "his" secret I would be such a name dropper, but his secret is so bad that he would be fired on the spot.


Essentially the secret about his reputation would sink my companies claim for what has happened to me.


Thanks for getting back with me.

When you were confronted with the rumor that you disclosed or "name-dropped" did you deny it completely?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I work on tv shows I was called the name a few months ago over an open to everyone intercom so to speak, I worked with this in my gut finishing off last years season. I have given my all to my company who is now not giving it back when I really need it.


I work for a major TV Network, its HUDGE.

Did they reveal a source? Could you make this into a journalistic ethic's violation?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I dont understand, they do or have told us that we are in the media, in fact they stress that we should never discuss company or business that we are in business without anyone who is not represented with the company now if that applies between coworkers then the answer is yes.


The "They" in question did reveal the source as being myself, I was the target, unfairly. The information wrecked havic not just on myself but the others whom I was talking about.


I work for Directors and it was a director whom called me the said name as a result of another's true name dropping.


It sounds very complicated and it is but in reality the person who Is the tell-ie (if you will) has no credit as a person, or is easily discredible and this is all being put on me upon his unknown reputation. Unknown to management that is. If they knew the truth it would fall apart in a fiery ball. I don't want to hurt the company but if it means me falling for this BS then I wouldnt stand for it.


Should I proceed to find a lawyer to sue? Do I have a case? or should I go to HR? If HR is my route then how much do I tell or complain?


Thank You

The only thing that I can make out of your situation is a potential claim for defamation of character. If by calling you out on something you told in confidence they then state that you cannot be trusted and are a name-dropper, and this hurts your professional reputation, then this is potentially defamation.

Because your career is on the line, you should not hesitate to invest some money and go see a local lawyer about this. You need to look for the right kind of lawyer. I would recommend locating a business lawyer, as defamation in this context is a business tort. Once you are in a meeting with them, you will be able to tell them everything that happened and they can give you complete advice.

If you are losing your job because of this, then you definitely have damages, which is often the most difficult part of a defamation lawsuit.

So, in conclusion, I recommend going to sit down with a local business litigation attorney to give your case a full assessment and represent you in any claims you may have against the person who broke your trust and your employer.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank You Very Much

Good luck!