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My friend called the pharmacy to report a problem with her

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My friend called the pharmacy to report a problem with her meds. There wasn't the right amount of her meds. She called to report the problem and the pharmacist not only was completely rude and unprofessional but her also accused her of trying to get more meds and that she was a drug addict. This friend of mine has and many back surgeries and now lives with chronic back pain. The pharmacist called her doctor and now her doctor won't write her any scripts and he also called and told the only pain care management facility and they won't have her as a patient. She has never done anything to even be remote a breach of her pain contract she was just trying to do the right thing and she got screwed for it.

Thank you for your question.

So from my understanding, your friend had a prescription for a specific amount of pain medication. When she got home from the pharmacy with her prescription, she found that there were less pills in the bottle than there should have been. She contacted the pharmacy to notify them and they accused her of doing something illegal and then told everyone else about it.

This kind of situation falls under the laws of defamation and intentional interference with a contract. The pharmacist made an assumption that your friend was dishonest and then told this untruth to other people. As a result, your friend has been damaged.

Your friend has the right to take the pharmacist to court to sue for defamation. This can either by done by her directly in a small claims court, where she can sue for money damages in the amount of $7,000.00. Or she can hire an attorney to present her claim in a higher court for a higher amount.

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