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Law Educator, Esq.
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Dear XXXXX, Thank you for your timely response. However,

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Thank you for your timely response. However, I am not really much better informed now.
I am keenly aware of how sneaky and underhanded these folks are.

Perhaps yo could answer so more specific questions...

1. How long can they go without either ruling in our favor or
officially denying our claim so we can appeal their decision?

2. How long should we expect to wait if the claim is legitimate, the doctor is beyond reproach, and we have legal counsel to advocate for us?

3. They are saying that we cannot get both social security disability and long term disability at the same time, but this does not seem to make any sense. Why would they say this? what is there angle?

1) If they have not ruled in 30-60 days you are entitled to demand a written decision. After that you would be entitled to an appeal through them in writing. This is why I stated getting your own attorney would be beneficial because generally once you have an attorney involved and writing letters on your behalf they will stop playing their games.

2) A claim should not take more than 90 days total, but as I said and as you have experienced, these companies seem to drag things out when they know you are not disabled.

3) I am not aware of any law prohibiting both of you from collecting SSDI if you and her are indeed disabled.

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