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Do you handle wrongfill termination?

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Do you handle wrongfill termination?
Thank you for allowing us to assist you with this problem. I am not fully aware of what prior steps you have taken.

Yes we answer such question but keep in mind you can not hire us to represent you. You can pay to have questions answered to assist you.

If you do wish to have our services then please respond with your detailed question.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have made a payment through paypal account.

Here is my situation:

4yrs ago I was employed by Vineland City Hall NJ (for 15yrs) -

they arrested me and charged me with Pending criminal charges,

after 4yrs and 9 court dates postponed by the judge - all charges where dissmissed

on 1-11-2011.

my question is what rights do I have?

Unless you are a contract employee, then you are considered an employee at will and can be terminated for any reason or no reason so long as its not based upon age, race, religion, sex or disability as set in the American with Disability Act.

Just because New Jersey considers itself an at-will state, does not mean it allows employers to engage in the wrongful termination of employees. At-will employment means that you or your employer can terminate your employment relationship at any time for any reason, so long as it is not based on a violation of employment law.

In the state of New Jersey, your employer cannot terminate you for an illegal reason, such as employment discrimination.

State and federal laws prohibit employers from basing their decision to terminate employees on:

Employers do not have to terminate you directly in order to be found guilty of wrongful termination. Constructive discharge describes a situation where an employer creates such a dreadful working environment that no reasonable person would have any other choice but to resign. This frequently is the case in situations involving workplace harassment, sexual harassment, or workplace discrimination
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