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Can my employer legally threaten me, swear at me, or intimidate

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Can my employer legally threaten me, swear at me, or intimidate me in a conference? Tactics like bringing in a tote full of resumes and exclaiming "You're not worth your pay. You don't have any rights. These people are dying for a job that you don't deserve to have."
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PA is a strong employment at will state meaning that you work at the will of the employer. Unless the employer's actions rise to the level of assault and battery, such tactics are not prohibited by law.

Federal law prohibits employer from discriminating against employees for engaging in union activity of most any kind. That does not mean the employer would not terminate your employment for such activity, but you would have a lawsuit if they did. Just continue journaling the incidents and any union activity you engage in as well as when the employer finds out about an union activity.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Basically there's nothing I can do about my employer threatening my job security out of spite? I can't claim discrimination because I'm not the only person he does it to, but I am without a shadow of a doubt the hardest hit. Reason being, I believe, is of my medical absenteeism. He can't legally fire me because of medical absences, but he can surely make my employment more stressful. Is this correct then?
Right. There are no laws protecting you from such conduct by your employer unless they are motivated by race, gender, age, disability, etc. If this is the case, file a complaint with the EEOC right away. They can also provide you with attorney referrals to guide you through the process.

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