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State Of Nevada employment rules for fulltime employees. Is

Resolved Question:

State Of Nevada employment rules for fulltime employees. Is it 32 hours per week considered fulltime? and if the business is slow what are the rules for sending an employee home from a schedule 8 hour shift?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  CDlaw replied 8 years ago.



Nevada law does not define full-time as opposed to part-time employment status. Here is a link to Nevada law explaining Nevade labor definitions:


Full-time vs. part-time employment status is most frequently a classification used by employers to determine eligibility for employment benefits other than compensation. For example, employers may choose to provide paid time off for fullt-time employees and not part-time employees. Such employment benefits are not required, and not controlled by state law.


Absent an employment contract or agreement, your employer is not required to provide you with a certain number of hours to work, i.e. the employer can send you home. Unfortunately, if this happens often, you are in the position of prioritizing whether it is worth it for you to keep this job, and may prefer to seek other employment.


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