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I have a business with a server and three locations. I have

Customer Question

I have a business with a server and three locations . I have been having strang thing happen to my emails . Someone went into my outlook and made a rule that if I forward a email from this account that it goes to junk. No one in my office has access to this . It had to be done through my IT DEPARTMENT . I'm sure that. Log should be kept to whom has accessed my computer. This started happening on the 13th of July and they have just now found out where my emails were going . I'm a small business and I am with a big IT group. I have more issues than a big corporation and I'm thinking that a lot of the issues are coming from my IT support . I have to many techs working on my computer issues . To many people have my passwords and I don't know who these techs are . Is there a way that I can track to when the outlook rule was done. How can I secure my system from my IT people without my permission. How can I approach the IT management and tell them that I rink to many different people work
On my stuff and I would like to make that number smaller but I really want to pick the ones that have helped me.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Email
Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

My name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you today. Please favorite or bookmark this page press CTRL+D, so you can return here if we get disconnected.

Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

George, I assume you are the owner or principal of the company in question, is that correct? Do you employ your own IT staff, if not, who do you contract with? Is your email server on your premises or is it housed off site with a hosting company? Do you know if you are using Office 365/Exchange Online?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
We have office 365 but not implemented . Integritec is IT group . Using Exchange. And my. Business has private exchange account
Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

So the servers are under Integritec's direct control?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
but I also have access. Webmail is in with outlook . She told me that she thinks this is where rule would have to be changed.
I don't know what the procedure would have been for Integritech but this email problem has. Deb going on for several months . They have told me on three occasions it was good to go . It did not . I personally don't think the rule was the problem . Is there a way that I can tell when this rule was implemented. They are telling me the rule had these emails going to junk . I personally have been looking for these emails and I have checked in all my folders . . Last Wednesday night / early Thursday morning i got a email saying the problem was fixed . I sent several emails and it did work with my wife verifying. Thursday morning when I tried again only one went through and the others stayed idle . When I send a email I get a swoosh sound and usually is good indication . I was getting no sound on the others .
Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

Do you have an administrator portal you can access the exchange server through?

Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

It's easy enough to check the rules in outlook, just select the e-mail account and then click on rules in the toolbar and manage alerts and rules. If there are any rules there you can click on them to see what they do, and change or delete them if desired.

With office 365 you can go into the administrator portal quite easily and look at the junk rules as well as get log reports for certain change, check the mail flow... It's not quite that simple with an actual exchange server so I'm betting they haven't given you remote powershell access to the exchange server.

Expert:  Wes replied 8 months ago.

By the way, this will go much quicker if you can stick around and chat realtime about the issue (if you have time).

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'm sorry for my delayed response . Will you be available this weekend as I will be at the main server and we can chat real time .
Expert:  Wes replied 7 months ago.

I'm afraid I won't be available, but I will opt out and perhaps a different expert can assist you.

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