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stormohp777, Technician
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  I have alot of experience in electronic repair from component level to board replacement..
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I have a GE telephone (model 28110) that has a main handset

Customer Question

I have a GE telephone (model 28110) that has a main handset on the cradle, and two separate handsets on satellite cradels in my house. Unfortunately, I dropped "Handset 1" into some water. Now the entire system does not work. I don't understand why I can't put Handset 2 into the main cradle and the phone system will work without Handset 1? Now, nothing works. I can get a dial tone on any of the phones, and the main base does not have sound when trying to play messages. Does Handset 1 have a special link to the others that makes them all not work if it is not working? In my mind I should be able to not have the one handset, but the others all work. I don't get the relationship between everthing. I sure hate to go out and buy a new system.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  stormohp777 replied 4 years ago.

stormohp777 :

Just throwing this out there , place handset 1 in a bowl of white rice uncooked overnight, cover the entire phone with it and see if that takes all the moisture out .. it has worked before on cell phones that were dropped in water, next day they work fine.. I know it sounds weird but it worked for a moisture remover!!!

Customer :

I have used the blow dryer on the handset (cool setting). Do you think the handset 1 has some special connection to the main answering machine that would make it not work?

Customer :

I will try the rice tonight and see what happens

stormohp777 :

seems like the other handsets would auto program to work if they were placed on the main answering machine, unless the handset 1 was the master then it would have to work first ..

Customer :

The rice did not work. Handset 1 must have to work for others to work. I tried to reset other handset to by handset 1 using the manual I found on-line. But unable to get it to change. I guess I have to purchase a new system, unless you have any other ideas.

stormohp777 :

Unplug the base power and leave unplugged or a minute or two. Plug the base back in and place the handset you want to register as handset 1 on the base and leave there for 20 seconds. If you want to register more handsets then place each one in the base for 20 seconds in the order you want them numbered. If this doesn't work you may need to remove the batteries from the handsets as well when you unplug the base. I hope this helps.

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