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PBMFIXS, Trouble shoot and Repair
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  9 years as a licensed ham radio operator, Trouble shoot and repair all types of electronics
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samsung gt-83410 was dropped screen is not cracked or broken.

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samsung gt-83410 was dropped screen is not cracked or broken. but display is garbbled (has lines runing all over the screen). is this a problem with the pixel in the screen being damaged. if so do i need to replace the lcd. or is this a problem with the flex band? thank you

Hello, and thanks for your question!!

Your screen is shot or your main board is damaged. Most likely the screen though. Replace it and the phone should be good to go. But you may want to have a tech verify with a tester before dumping money into it. If its more thatn the screen it will get expensive.


I hope this helps answer your question, if so please click the green accept button, if not im still here to assist you,


Thaks again,


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