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Craig, Electrical/ Electronic Technician
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  33 years troubleshooting electronic and electrical control systems for all types of equipment.
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Reset Comb For Sentry Safe Without Factory Codes.

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I want to reset the comb for my Sentry safe but do not have the factory codes.

If this is a three digit combo dial you cannot change it. The user code can be changed only. Call Customer Service Center at(###) ###-####for more information.

If this is a electronic keypad the code is 1-7-5-0-0, then reset it to a new user code. If you have ever programmed a new user code, this number does not

work. Only for first time, then new user code changes the number. If you never changed to a new user code, this number will open the safe: 1-7-5-0-0

JACUSTOMER-qyjduax4- : This is not working (17500). What do I do because the safe is open, and bars have locked. my old code does not work anymore.

Craig : Is the 'amber' light on?

JACUSTOMER-qyjduax4- : Yes

Craig : Have you replaced the batteries yet? This is low batteries that need to be changed.

JACUSTOMER-qyjduax4- : Yes, the light goes on when I try to enter a code.

Craig : It's the batteries, you must replace them. That's what is happening, the batteries are low and will not operate.

JACUSTOMER-qyjduax4- : Ok that worked. Now my code to enter works again. How do i clear all codes and create a new one? My ex-wife had her own code, which i don't know and I had my own code as well.

Actually, I do know her code and would like to delete it. How would I do that?

Craig : There are 3 possible ways to unlock and access the safe:
1. Factory code: (Found on the first page of this guide) You can
always open the safe by entering the pre-set 5-digit factory code. This code cannot be deleted.
2. User code: If you prefer to employ your own code, you can program the safe to open using a 5-digit user code of your choice.
3. User pin: If you wish to give someone else temporary access to the safe, you can program a 5-digit user pin that can later be erased.

Programming the user code:

NOTE - One (1) user code is allowed.
To add:

1. Press the Prog key , then enter the 5-digit factory code.
2. Enter the 5-digit user code of your choice:
To delete:
1. Press the Prog key.
2. Enter the 5-digit factory code twice.

Programming user pin: NOTE - One (1) user pin is allowed.
To add:
1. Press the Prog key 2 times.
2. Enter your 5-digit user code.
3. Enter the 5-digit user pin of your choice.
To delete:
1. Press the Prog key 2 times.
2. Enter your 5-digit user code.
3. Enter 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.
NOTE: If your safe does not appear to be working, please check batteries before calling.

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