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Kyle, Consumer Electronic Trouble Shooter
Category: Consumer Electronics
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Experience:  5 yrs Circuit City (Aud/Vid), 11 yrs Tech. Director TV Station, 2 yrs Rec. Studio
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how do i hook up my toshiba tv to a cable box and dvd play

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how do i hook up my toshiba tv to a cable box and dvd player
Hello; I can try to help you but I need to know the following.

1. The makes and models of all 3 (TV, Cable Box, DVD)

I can then give you step by step for hook up and or if you need any additional accessories.

Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, Kyle,

Thanks for responding to my question. Here is the information:

Combo DVD/VCR is model number EWR20V5; cable box is Scientific-American Explorer 8000; TV is Toshiba CZ27V51.

I have pdf of the back of the cable box and DVD/VCR. I can also take a picture of the back of the TV (or the other units) and send it to you if you can accept attachments. All previous solutions offered by cable company and DVD/VCR mfg result in only being able to record on channel 3, L1, or L2 (as displayed in the timer set up menu for the DVD/VCR player).


PS - I will be away from the computer for a few hours but will reply to other questions when I return this afternoon.
Okay, let's get you hooked up. We need to try and connect each component one step at a time.

1. Cable box to TV - You need an S-video cable and a Red/White Audio cable.
Connect from the cable box audio out jacks that are located on the bottom row. It should be just right of where it says "dig audio out." Next hook up your S-video cable from the cable box (there is only one). *Using an S cable will give you better video quality.
Next these 3 cable wires should connect to "Video 1" of your TV (The Yellow input of the TV will remain empty).

2. DVD/VCR to TV - You need a composite A/V cable (Red/White/Yellow RCA). Connect this cable from your DVD/VCR Output located far right just left of "Ant. Input."
The other end of these 3 wires will go to "Video 2" of your TV. *Note that the cables of Video 2 on your TV should line up straight up and down. *To play either DVD or VCR tape simply hit select button on the front of DVD/VCR unit.

3. To Record to VCR from Cable Box. You will need composite A/V cable (Red/White/Yellow RCA). Hook up cable from cable box where it says "Archive VCR" to Audio Video Input. This is far left of DVD/VCR unit just left of the connections that you used to hook up your TV. *This allows you to record from Cable box to VCR Tape.

If you will follow this step by step, you should be successful. If you have more questions let me know. Thank you for allowing me to help and good luck to you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for the reply. Will this set up allow me to record to the DVD as well? I have RCA cables but I will need to buy an s-video cable.

Q: I don't see anything on the back of the cable box labeled "archive VCR". I see a port labeled "digital audio out", and s-vid port, and two rectangular ports labeled "1394".

Here is what I understand up to that point:

1. S-video cable from s-vid port on the cable box to the s-vid port on the back of the TV. RCA R&W cables from the bottom row of RCA ports on the back of the box to the left most R&W RCA ports on the back of the TV (V1).

Q: Coax cable from the wall to the back of the cable box, yes? No coax cable from the box to any other coax port?

2. RCA R/W/Y cables from right most row of RCA ports on the DVD/VCR out to the V2 R/W/Y RCA ports on the back of the TV.

Q: No coax cable to the TV?

3. See above.

I will be away from the computer for a couple of hours and I won't be able to try this until I can buy an s-vid cable.


Hello again; Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I have read your response and I understand all that you have said. I will respond back with the questions you have in the previous message.

This set-up will allow you to record DVD also. However; It is up to the Cable box and DVD/VCR technology, whether it will allow it or not. See copyright laws often times will intentionally force manufacturers to scramble the video when a DVD is recording say a TV show or Movie (Movies more so). I can't guarantee that you would be able to record but you will be set-up to record DVD from the cable box.

1. Your right on the "archive VCR". It is instead labeled "Out 2 VCR". This output should be just above where the audio cable going to your TV is. * Below is a link to the Cable box that I am referencing the information from. Look at Page 6. That shows the back of the box. Just wanting to make sure that I am looking at what I am supposed to be looking at.

2. Coax only from wall to cable box. Yes. *The S-video cable is what you will use from the cable box to the TV. S-Video will give a much better picture than using coax.

Everything else in your response seems to be correct.

Here is that link with your cable box that I am using to reference.

Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry to take so long but I had to get the s-vid cable first. I got home a little while ago and tried the connections you suggest. I can watch TV with the source (on the TV) set to video 1. I can watch a DVD or a VCR recording with the source set to video 2 (on the TV). Switching the source on the TV to "TV" results in no signal of any kind, just snow.

When I try to program the DVD/VCR to record a program, my only choices for channel are L1 or L2. I cannot program the unit to record on say, channel 36 in my cable TV provider's line up. This means I cannot program the unit to record a program unattended or to record one program while watching another.

The cable box diagram in the link in your response is not what my cable box looks like. It looks like this one: My DVD/VCR diagram looks like this one: on page 10.

Do you have some additional suggestions?


Hello again. Thank you for the PDF's. I guess there are different types of boxes of the 8000 depending on service provider maybe. Let's recap

1. Tv 1 on TV can see cable box. TV 2 can see DVD/VCR. TV source sees nothing or snow. This is because it is not hooked up.

2. L1 represents rear jacks L2 represents front jacks on DVD/VCR.

3. If you want to be able to pgm to record to dvd/vcr we need to add coax cable to that unit. Most everything you have hooked up can stay the same. L1 is currently hooked up from the cable box. When you want to record a premium channel that requires the cable box to see the program you would use the L1 input. Now back to the coax. *From the wall, the coax cable needs to go to the "antenna in" of the DVD/VCR first. Next right under it, the "out" goes to your cable box "Cable In". What this does is allow your DVD/VCR to see the cable provider minus any premium channels. After you have this hooked up then from your DVD/VCR menu set up to auto tune into memory your channels. You should then be able to program to record the cable.

Let me know how it goes.
Kyle and 3 other Consumer Electronics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

You are a wizard! It works!!! <Jumping up and down and clapping hands> THANKS!
That is awesome. I'm very happy for you!!!

Thank you again for letting us help.


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