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How do I put someone on hold on my cell phone

Customer Question

How do I put someone on hold on my cell phone
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
Hello Lorrie,

What is the make and model of your unit?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Razr with alltel service
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
Was it a Motorola razor? I need the specific model number,.

You can find it at the battery compartment.

There would be a nameplate of your unit there.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
razr v3a
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
ok..I will try to find a manual for your unit and help you. please be patient.
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
Hello Lorrie,

I'm sorry we did not finished our conversation, anyway, There was no mention about how to hold a call on the manual. But I saw that the unit can switch active phone lines if you subscribed to two phone lines.

and here is the instruction:

change active line
If you have more than one phone number, you
can switch from one line to another.
Find it: s >mPhone Status > Active Line

page 34 of this manual

This is the only way to switch caller. By switching lines. if you have two lines.But the other caller would be dropped and not on hold.

Another thing to look at is if your service provider provides the call waiting feature.
If you have call waiting, your line would still ring on the caller even if you are busy on a call. And your unit will ring and you can put the first caller on hold to answer the second caller.

But if your provider has no feature like this, then there will be no call waiting and the second caller would receive a busy tone to indicate the the phone being called is being used.

So if you have call waiting, normally what you can try is press again the green call button if you hear the unit ringing and the first caller could be placed on hold and the second caller would be activated.

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