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why is the color green when playing a dvd in my player

Resolved Question:

why is the color green when playing a dvd in my player
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Rod replied 8 years ago.

Has this just started and it worked before? What connectors are you using from the DVD player to the TV? It would help if you provide the make and model numbers of your TV and DVD player.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes it did work correctly before im using component cable connectors sony dvd player dvp 600 panasonic tv th50px60 u the color on the tv is fine only when i play the dvd is it greenish im also connected thru my av
Expert:  Rod replied 8 years ago.

Since it worked before, there is a possibility that there is just a bad connection - this is indicative of only the green of the RGB is getting though. I recommend pulling out and re-insterting all the cables. If that doesn't correct the problem, you will need to determine if it is a component problem - or a bad cable. Try connecting the DVD player directly to the TV and see if you have the problem - if not, then it could be the cables to the AV system or the AV system itself.

If it works connected directly to the TV, then I would test that connection with the other set of cables to eliminate the possiblity of a cable problem. If you have the problem, with the DVD player connected directly to the TV, and tried two different sets of cables, then you need to determine if it is the TV or the DVD player. Is there another component input set on the TV that you can try, or, another TV that has component inputs?

This is going to take a little experimentation and trial and error on your part to determine where the problem might be. A majority of the time, just resetting the cables will resolve the problem.

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