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Rahul P.
Rahul P., Engineer
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How do you disassemble a samsung sph-m520 slider phone. The

Customer Question

How do you disassemble a samsung sph-m520 slider phone. The navigation key only works 'down' and the menu button stopped working. Need to see if it can be fixed because my daughter is having a fit. Please let me how to take it apart to get to the key pad both on the slider and the lower keys. Thanks.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Consumer Electronics
Expert:  Rahul P. replied 8 years ago.
If your keyads are not working , then the points connecting thekeypad is jamed.
Your keypad is not missplaced that you can bring it to position.

It is better to to give it to the samsung service center, so that they can full service
your phone.

It would be risky to do this at home and it also need some instrument to do it.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have already taken it to a qwest service center and did not get any help other than having us try a "Hard Reset" which did nothing. This didn't answer my question, I understand it would be risky but I would like to know how to disassemble the unit to be able to visualize any damage, or "jammed keypad points". Again, I need to get to both keypads. Please provide me the details before I can accept an answer. For paying a cost to get an answer to a technical question, I would expect more than just "take it to a shop". Please provide the details I requested and I will accept the 'usable' answer right way. I understand the risk, but with the phone no longer under warranty, I am willing to take it to try and fix this for my daughter. Please respond asap. Thank you.
Expert:  Rahul P. replied 8 years ago.

This phone has been temporarily stopped manufacturing.As a result i couldnt find the manual.

But it is rule of every company that they will not give any manual to outsider other than their own technicians and the customers in the form of manual.

So you should look for the manual. I am giving a hint - open the back side of the phone where there is a battery, after that look for a lock to open the face.

I hope you could understand the matter.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have already done that. I have removed the 6 screws, and eventually could get the back plate off, but can not separate the slider from the lower key pad. Also, cannot see how to open the slider to access its circuitry or well as the keypad on the lower part. I have searched EVERYWHERE for a service manual, or even a schematic drawing...with no success. I am not asking for any "trade secrets", nor am I expecting to gain any profit, so rather than a 'hint'....are you able to answer my question or not? Please just tell me how to quickly disassemble the phone so I can hopefully try and repair it myself (since it is no longer under warranty). I would appreciate it. (I don't mean to come across as being rude...that is totally not my intention...I have a tendency of writing emails and note "matter of factly". Forgive me if it sounded a little harsh. Embarassed
Expert:  Rahul P. replied 8 years ago.

Its ok. I understand your problem and iam feeling sorry for you.

I have to tell you that if you would have a plain handset than it would have been easy to dissable it but in case of a slider phone it is difficult to do it by hand. The slider phone requre a machine to opean the slider.

If you want you can take it to any othere electronics shop .

I hope you could understand.

It could be kind enough if you click the accept botton.


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