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I switching out a digital timer with a mechanical one.

Customer Question

I switching out a digital timer with a mechanical one. Commercial application. I installed a plug in mechanical timer. So add an outlet to plug timer in, agreed a two wire cord to connect to switch. It only needs the load not the neutral. The outlet neutral is not hooked up. Timer works till it turns on lights, but does not shy lights out. Should the neutral for the outlet be connected to the neutral?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 month ago.

Hi, I'm Mike G and I'll be assisting you. Please give me the make and model number.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Woods model 13572 indoor mechanical timer. Also trying a Defiant model. Polarized outlet.
Timer turns on lights add programmed, but fails to shut lights off as programmed. Did not wire neutral side of outlet. Tried and thru the break er.
Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 month ago.

You need to wire hot, neutral and load.

Expert:  Mike G. replied 1 month ago.

If you don't have a neutral, then I suggest installing an Inermatic ST01C. It doesn't need a neutral.

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