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Jason, Service Technician
Category: Electrical
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Power New Barn Power Added new power supply at meter on

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New Barn Power
Added new power supply at meter on pole so we could run power to house and to a new barn. The new power supply now has a 150 amp main breaker that feeds the house and a 60amp double pull that will feed the Barn. The barn is 16ft from the pole.
I plan to install an 100 amp main breaker box in the barn using #6 stranded copper wire.
Can I do this or does the main breaker in the barn also have to be a 60 amp?
Is #6 wire ok?

Jason :

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer.

Jason :

For a 60 amp feed, #6 wire is fine.

Jason :

The distance, at only 16 feet, is a non issue.

Jason :

You won't have a voltage drop problem at all.

Jason :

The #6 wire needs to be protected by a properly sized breaker (relative to amperage rating) at either end.

Jason :

Since you plan to feed that wire with a double pole 60, you are fine connecting the other end of it to a double pole 100.

Customer: The plan for the box in the barn is to have a 100 amp main, not a 100 amp double pull. I also plan to run 220 so I can maybe add a welder later with lights and sockets.....I'm guessing 3to 4 circuits.
Jason :

OK. Everything you've proposed still sounds fine though. I see no issues with it at all.

Jason :

Do you have any other questions?

Customer: No thank you. I'll review again in the morning.
Jason :

Sounds good. Thank you for the opportunity to help. Have a great night.

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