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I need to run nm cable from one crawl to another horizontally

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I need to run nm cable from one crawl to another horizontally through cinderblock. There will be more than 1 homerun, Can i use pvc or Emt just as a sleeve and fill the void with caulk and then use a running board on the other side? And what about "bundling" the wires as there will be more than 1 wire in the sleeve. I'm really just trying to jump from one crawl to the next

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Tell me please what voltages are involved with each circuit and what they serve... some voltages need to be separated from signal circuits.

Electrical code is different for some buildings than others, depending on use of the building and how tall it is... I need to know use of the building, details on the crawl space, and how tall the building is.

We can go from there.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All voltages are 115v. The circuits are a hot tub gfi, gfi's for bathroom receptacles, some lighting and an exhaust fan. So i'm probably looking at 3 circuits. Also there is a 240v feed going to a sub panel in the new addition, but of course i would separate that.

Hello again.

If its not wiring in a building over 3 stories, and is in a protected crawl space you can fit either plastic conduit or EMT through the block wall, and run all of the nm cable, including the 230v hot tub cable through the EMT as long as you do not fill the EMT or plastic conduit beyond its limit. Ideally not more than 60% full... then you can grout around the outside of the conduit. You can use cable trays or run the cable along the floor joists.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank You for the quick response. Just so i'm sure. the hot tub is only a 115v pump w/cord and I can put the 240v feed in with those other home runs? Also, because its not a termination i don't need any fittings, correct?

Hello again, you do not need fittings to terminate the sleeve through the wall especially if you use PVC electrical conduit.

you can run the 230v in nm cable along with the 115v in nm cable.

I will put the ratings box up again so that you can rate my answer, thats how the company pays us from the deposit pool... I hold the question open for 30 days in that case in the event you need some follow up.

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