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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: Electrical
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Experience:  Retired electrical contractor, 51 years experience.
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I have an electrical problem in my house, if i turn on AC unit

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I have an electrical problem in my house, if i turn on AC unit or lights or plug in the fridge some lights goes very high and others go very low,when check in the panel on one phase is like 187 Amp and in an other phase 87 Amp

Welcome to Just Answer!.

You have more than just a problem with your electrical system... have a *dangerous* should have the system looked at by a state licensed electrical contractor right away.

The two readings you gave are not amp readings.... those are typical of volt readings and are way out of balance.

Tell me if the readings were taken from each of the black wires... with one meter test probe on a black, and the other test probe on a white. Or if the 187 reading was taken with a test probe on each of the blacks.

If you are working at the meter or the main panel there is virtually no protection at all against your being electrocuted if your hand slips or if you are using a volt meter not rated for use in such locations.

You should have this system looked at professionally right away.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes that was volts in the two phases ( two black wires) and some way there is a wire wich is disconnected (loose)but when i test the black wire with an other black wire wich is connected it give me 120v.

Hello again.... I must warn you in the strongest possible terms not to try and fix this yourself... and to call in a state licensed electrician.

Any loose wire can cause severely dangerous conditions depending on which wire it can have an arc flash explosion.


Other issues:

187 volts between the two blacks is a low voltage situation that can ruin your air conditioner.

If the loose wire is a white wire that would be why your lights are dimming. That can be dangerous as well. But not as dangerous as your working near the electric meter.

If a person does not fully understand the electrical engineering issues related to problems such as you are experiencing, and without such knowledge attempts to work on the electrical system.... instant *death is a common result.

Additionally family members using the appliances are at risk... these are serious issues and not at all a do it yourself type project.

Tell me which direction you are from the center of the nearest town or city, I will take a look and see what services are in your area....or you can call the local electrical utility company to investigate.

Let me know, we can go from there.


Click this link to learn about the hazards of working near the meter.

Stay in touch as needed.

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