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I have a question related to replacing Ballasts on about 20

Resolved Question:

I have a question related to replacing Ballast's on about 20 Fluorescent ceiling fixtures.
They are about 20 years old and all installed into the ceiling with drywall around them and finished. Replacing the actual housings and all would be a major undertaking.
I thought I may be able to pull out the old ballast's and replace with a newer replacement.
The old fixtures are 4 lamp t12 two ballast fixtures. The ballasts are Advance Transformer RQM-2S40-3-TP. Doing the rewire is not a problem for me. I would like to convert to a T8 bulb at the same time. These are my questions:
Do I need two replacement Ballasts or can I sub a single 4 bulb Ballast. I figure mounting the ballasts would be the only tricky part, making sure they fit under the ballast cover etc.
Do new Ballasts come with the bulb sockets for the pins, if not will the existing t12 sockets work with the new t8 bulbs. If so this would be tricky also as it seems every housing has a slightly different way of mounting the sockets.

With all this I am really looking for advice on what my options are and if you know of some replacments ballasts that would work. Also I live on the east coast and these are in my garage so cold weather starting is also a concern although the original ballasts lasted over 20 years.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Electrical
Expert:  Mike G. replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Mike G. :

Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. Ray, changing to a T8 ballast will make starting at a lower temp possible. The ballasts are available for 4 lamp fixtures. The lamp sockets will have to be changed but they are available to universally fix the fixture you have.

Customer :

Hi Mike

Customer :

So what I want to do is considered an OK idea. It sounds like I just need to make sure what ever I get will physically fit in the housing and I will be good to go.. Any idea of a good source for the replacement components, I was going to start at Home Depot or Lowes, we also have a Graingers in town.

Mike G. :

The T* ballasts is electronic and physically smaller in size the magnetic ballast. I think Lowes would be my first choice for availability and price.

Mike G. :

typo - T8

Customer :

Just wanted to make sure what I was doing was do-able and an accepted practice, I will start looking around for the parts,I'll start at Lowes. Thanks for your help.

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