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How much does it typically cost to separate the electric utilities

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How much does it typically cost to separate the electric utilities from the rest of the household in a multi-family unit. Three units are separated already, and I am closing on the house and want to get a vague idea of the cost to meter the other two units separately.
Hi, I'm Mike and I'll be glad to assist you. How many rooms per unit? How many floors?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It's 2 floors. The units in question that would need to be seperated are 1 bedroom efficiencys running a kitchen, bathroom, and 1 bedroom. Heat is baseboard electric, hot water heater would be on the same circuit. Kitchen appliances are all electric (220v). Currently the units are tied into the same meter as larger 2 & 3 bedroom units.

The house is 4000 sq ft total, 2 floors.
OK, To give a approximate close cost the big variable is how to split the existing circuits and avoid a diversion of service. The only way to be sure is to map the outlets. If you sketch out each floor and show each outlet, both light and receptacles, with a walkie talkie and a second person trip the breaker while at each opening and give it a circuit number. Now you'll be able to see which circuits are in each unit. Shared circuits will have to be separated and the map will allow for the information needed to do it effectively. Without this information I will only be able to give you the cost for the service upgrade only, not including the split. In our area, as I'm sure it is everywhere, if there is a diversion of service the owner can be held responsible for the tenants bill, from the time they occupied the unit. Don't avoid the map, panel directories are for the most part useless.

To install a 200A service with 3 meters and panels will be in the range of $2500.00 not including the work required to separate circuits.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have three meters on the outside of the building already installed, so I would be adding two more. The panels are already seperated for each unit and marked accordingly, with the exception of one of the efficiency units being included on the larger units panel. So I would not be needing any service installed, just seperated and metered so that tenants would be responsible for their own electric bills. Does your quote of $2500 reflect any cost associated with registering another meter with the power company?
You description of the work has changed. Originally you didn't mention the full description of the work at hand. If you're adding 2 more panels on a separate riser the cost would be less. A 150Amp riser and a two gang meter can, 2 panels and permits and inspections will be in the $1800.00 range, not including the circuit split I advised you about.
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