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I have a kindle model number DO1100. I cannot get it to connect

Customer Question

I have a kindle model number DO1100. I cannot get it to connect to my home network. The network uses a netgear adsl modem connected to a netgear 100mb/s 8 port hub. The computer plugs into the hub and works fine on a static ip address. I have connected a netgear WG602v4 wireless access point to the hub. The kindle can see the home network, but will not connect to the wi-fi network. I have tried a variety of security settings on the WAP, but the kindle will not connect to any (and yes I am sure the wep key or wpa key was typed correctly). Since I cannot use this model at all without wi-fi connection, I really need to get it working. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: E-Readers
Expert:  Dr. Fix-It replied 5 years ago.
Do you have your XP cds? Will need to load boot cd and when prompted, run a system repair at this point.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry, the system at home is windows 7 home premium
Expert:  Dr. Fix-It replied 5 years ago.

OK your PC is connected direct with Ethernet cable so does not have wireless issue and you have tried connecting to work wireless, assuming had proper access password and the wi-fi turned on... only other thing can try is see if can connect to a free local wi-fi hotspot like starbucks coffee shop.


At this point best to call and speak with an agent 1-866-216-1072

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi, I live on a remote tropical island, and there are no Starbucks (or similar) hotspots around. Is the phone number you have given for Amazon Kindle or what? At the moment I can't say that your answer has been that helpful!

Expert:  Dr. Fix-It replied 5 years ago.



To register your Kindle you will need to log into your AMAZON account and then may proceed to register your Kindle device... You may connect your Kindle via USB cable to download your books from your kindle account to your ereader device.


reference "Transferring Files Via USB"-

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am a very experienced computer user/technician, and have set up many commercial networks, including wireless acces and have no idea why the Kindle will not access the wireless conection - that is what I want to fix, not just access the Kindle account via USB
Expert:  Dr. Fix-It replied 5 years ago.

Typical behavior from ISPs is to disconnect/reconnect your broadband connection periodically. This creates a checkpoint for them to check you haven't exceeded your alloted download quota and if you have they reconnect you at a low speed, or start counting for excess charges (depending on how your ISP connection plan handles excess usage).

This reconnect process takes a short time and most people will never notice it. Most downloads will recommence on their own and if you are web browsing you may notice a page load "pausing" with nothing else loading and then it continues.

This would mean your wifi connection disappears, and perhaps the Kindle doesn't poll to see if it is back up and just turns off once it loses connection..

Can try reset the wireless router & Kindle (press and hold power button for 20 seconds) then rescan for the available networks and try to connect.